REVIEW: Silenced Witness by K.D. Richards

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Silenced Witness by K.D. Richards is the ninth book in the West Investigations series. This book works as a standalone, so if you haven’t read any of the previous books, you can jump into the series here with no issues.

When her brother, Mark, dies while being investigated for stealing a computer program from the company he worked for, Alexis Douglas doesn’t believe he committed suicide as everyone else believes. She also refuses to believe that he was guilty of the crime. She turns to West Investigations investigator TJ Roman. TJ had been best friends with Alexis’s brother, until a fight broke up their friendship. While what his former friend was being accused of didn’t match the man he used to know, TJ must admit that all the evidence points to his guilt. But Alexis refuses to give up and refuses to let TJ give up as well. The pair soon find themselves in a tangled web of secrets, lies, and painful discoveries. It becomes a race against time to untangle it all, before Alexis and TJ become silenced themselves.

While I found the romance to be a bit lacking in this book, the suspense more than makes up for it. It’s filled with plenty of twists, turns, and action that will keep readers turning the page to find out what will be revealed next. The author does a good job of grabbing a reader’s attention and keeping it through the whole book.

Both Alexis and TJ are likeable characters. Alexis is a grieving sister determined to clear her brother’s name. TJ is an investigator out his comfort zone; he normally investigates cheating spouses. He also struggles with feelings of not being good enough, both for leading the investigation and for being the man for Alexis needs. While I felt their romantic relationship was overshadowed by the suspense, I still liked them together and was rooting for them to find their happy-ever-after.

Silenced Witness is action packed, attention grabbing, and well-written with an intriguing storyline. If you enjoy romantic suspense with the brother’s best friend trope thrown in, this would be a book for you.

Book Info:

Publication: June 25, 2024 | Harlequin Intrigue | West Investigations #9

After her brother dies under a cloud of suspicion, Alexis Douglas will do whatever it takes to clear his name. Enlisting the help of TJ Roman proves a double-edged sword. Her brother’s onetime best friend, the ex-military PI can’t afford any missteps. Alexis’s safety is all that matters, despite the powerful attraction drawing them closer. Up against a killer desperate to keep the truth buried, TJ must step up his game before he and Alexis are both silenced forever.



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