REVIEW: Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne

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Claus and Effect by Piper Rayne: When Tessa meet the slightly kooky psychic at a holiday party she just assumed the message that she had received meant that she should fly across the country and try to win her ex back, however what was supposed to be the start of one of those cute stories soon turns into a series of unfortunate events. Starting of with someone stealing her seat on the plane which is how she get stuck in coach, where a lady goes into early labor forcing the plane to land early. Now this wouldn’t be so bad but a freak storm has grounded all planes from taking off, which leads Tessa to try and rent a car… only problem being there is only one car available and her only option is to share it with non other than the seat thief himself Tre.

So what happens when you force together one super rigid and organised Army Ranger who has no desire to have any romantic entanglements, with a messy carefree baker that is set on following her heart to find love? A whole lot of hijinks and mishaps thats what you get, but somewhere between all the eggnog, Santa suits and all round craziness Tre and Tessa begin to connect… could what started off as a not so meet cute turn into one epic Christmas love story?

LOVED!! Claus and Effect was pure holiday romance perfection. It was impossible not to get absorbed into this book right from the very first chapter, with two incredibly loveable main characters, loads of laugh out loud moments and some unexpected twists, this feel good read really checked all the boxes for me. More than anything I loved the fact that there were two super cute small towns featured in this novel, the first bringing all the laughs and giggles while the second one really sets the cosy home feeling, add in the fact that both towns had quirky townsfolk and I was sold!

I really liked Tessa, she had a total carefree, live everyday as it comes vibe to her character. It was easy to like her and her zest for life and really trying to find happiness. Her quick wit and sassy personality really brought life to this book and I loved that she pushed Tre to step outside of his comfort zones. As for our strictly organised hero, well Tre was the total opposite of Tess but gosh did he melt my heart with how much he loved his family. This guy really was a marshmallow hero and I just loved this. I really liked the fact that she was so different to him actually peaked his interest more than even he expected.

I think it is safe to say that the enemies to lovers trope will always be a firm favourite of mine and Tess and Tre truly worked their magic in this book. I absolutely loved following their journey to finding happiness, granted there were a few hilarious bumps on the way but this only made their story all the more perfect. The banter between these two was insane, I loved how sparky their chemistry started out and the way they wormed their way into each others hearts. I just loved getting follow them as their road tripped to make in time for Christmas, while slowly falling in love.

Claus and Effect is a total must read! This Hallmark style Christmas, enemies to lovers, forced proximity romcom will have you giggling non stop and melt your heart at the same time. A total must read from me!!

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Publication: November 14, 2023 | Piper Rayne Inc |

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Claus and Effect

Piper Rayne


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Two strangers who couldn’t be more opposite find themselves on an unexpected cross-country road trip days before Christmas where whatever can go wrong, does.

He’s an Army Ranger.
She’s a baker.

He’s organized and rigid.
She’s messy and carefree.

He doesn’t do relationships.
She’s following her heart.

His family chat blows up his phone.
She just buried her last living relative.

The holiday season doesn’t seem so jolly as they venture from one mode of transportation to the next. But, they have to become friends and rely on each other if they’re going to survive all the obstacles thrown their way.

As the miles grow shorter, vulnerabilities are shared, and by the time they reach their destination, neither one of them is sure what they really want for Christmas anymore.



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