REVIEW: Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid by Jennifer Rae

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Confessions of a Bad Bridesmaid by Jennifer Rae: Olivia knew it was going to be a challenging weekend. It started off all wrong – a miscommunication between her best friend and her groom’s brother meant she was missing an escort from the airport. After the tube, a bus, and a slog down a muddy road in totally inappropriate boots, she’s flagged down by the most insufferable man ever. He just happens to be the man who was supposed to meet her at Heathrow, and neither of them are pleased to be meeting this way.


Edward doesn’t have time for silliness. He wasn’t meeting with the Prime Minister as he told Fiona’s flighty friend, but someone fairly high up in the ranks. And Olivia had the audacity to imply that the PM is “just a man”! Wow. This girl is something else. She’s silly, and stupid, and completely inappropriate. She’s also made them both late for the ‘festivities’ taking place at his parent’s house, which he’s already dreading. And she has the temerity to be changing into a ridiculously shiny and short-skirted outfit in his backseat.

Olivia is used to being looked down upon, but maybe this weekend can be different. These people don’t know her, so she can show up looking like a million bucks and not be in her sister’s shadow. And she loves Fiona unconditionally, so she’s thrilled to be here to share in her special day. When Edward escorts her into his family castle, she gets a horrible sinking feeling that she’s way out of her league. She’s immediately set upon by the sophisticated family of the groom, and she’s had to help Fiona deal with some issues of her own. Nothing ever changes.

Well, nothing except for the brooding man who seemingly can’t stop staring at her. Protecting her. Keeping her from getting in over her head. He sees her through the makeup and the outlandish outfits down to her soul. And she sees him as the man who is wracked with guilt over something that happened when he was just a boy. Olivia and Edward finally admit that they need a weekend after a tense game of poker, but can they leave it at that?

This story was entertaining, but I did have some issues. There were threads left hanging, like Fiona and her issues with Will’s family, and the belittling of Olivia. I really wished those things were resolved, because I love the whole ‘white knight’ thing. Neither Will nor Edward really pushed to get things ironed out on that front. Some of the descriptions (locations, people, etc.) were kinda “skimmy” while others (the maze/statues) were lovely – I would’ve liked them more consistent. But again, I enjoyed the story overall, and it’s a lovely, short read.

Book Info:

03.5SPublished January 1st 2014 by Harlequin KISS

She should never have agreed to be a bridesmaid! Bridesmaid Olivia Matthews has arrived at her best friend’s glamorous society wedding – and stepped into her worst nightmare! From her cleavage to her attitude, nothing about Livvie is welcome – and before she knows it she’s won the disapproval of everyone there. The only silver lining is best man Edward Winchester. He might be a bit uptight, but he’s also gorgeous and kisses like an X-rated dream… So Livvie decides there’s only one way to redeem this wedding from hell: persuade control freak Edward to cut loose and have his wicked way with her. If only he’d stop being so chivalrous…!


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