REVIEW: A Deal with Benefits by Susanna Carr

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In A Deal with Benefits (One Night With Consequences #2) by Susanna Carr, Ashley Jones wants her family’s island home from Sebastian Cruz but he is only willing to give her a place to stay on the island if she agrees to be his mistress for a month. Ashley can’t believe Sebastian is the same man with whom she spent her first blissful night when he came to stay on the island as a guest.Now he has the only thing which means more than anything to her and to get it back she agrees to his deal.


Sebastian has no intention of giving the island back, but he does want Ashley. Specifically, a month at his beck and call—and in his bed!

Ashley felt trapped. Cornered.
It was a struggle to remain still and meet Sebastian’s gaze.
“What do you want from me?”
“Two weeks in my bed.”
Her skin went hot and her mouth dropped open. “I wouldn’t stay in your bed for two more minutes let alone—”
“Make it three,” he said coldly.
Her eyes widened. “You…” she bit out.
“And now it’s four,” he said with no emotion. “Do you want to make it five weeks?”

A Deal with Benefits has many elements similar to the older harlequin presents.I t has blackmail, revenge, jealousy, conflicts and lots of passionate physical intimacy. Sebastian is the typical arrogant alpha hero who has to get what he wants. He misunderstands Ashley at first but soon discovers he was wrong and there is so much more to her than his one dimensional viewpoint. He had a tough childhood as his family was poor and was a self made man.Ashley is the damsel in distress kind of heroine but she is not weak because she does stand up for herself when she has a choice. She lost her family home due to unpaid loans and she wanted it back because of an emotional reason.

I did not warm up to Ashley at first but as the story progressed I understood her need to have her family home back.The story takes place over a short span of time and there is lots of drama happening throughout the story but it all escalated quickly.

Overall, A Deal with Benefits by Susanna Carr is an enjoyable read and with enough conflicts there is hardly a dull moment. My only complaint was with the amount of time devoted to the events at the later stage which I felt was too fast for my liking.

If you are a fan of the author or if you want something similar to the older harlequins then go for this one.

Book Info:

03.5S3.5 Stars Nope! No Ipshita

Published December 17th 2013 by Harlequin Presents (Book 3208) | One Night With Consequences

Thirty days and thirty nights

Ashley Jones has been sitting in Sebastian Cruz’s office. For hours. Behind the imposing wooden doors sits the man who stole her family’s island home. And she wants it back.

But the fight is knocked from her when Ashley recognizes him as the man she knows intimately—the man who betrayed her after their blissful night together.

Sebastian has no intention of giving the island back, but he does want Ashley. He agrees to her deal, but has a few sub-clauses of his own. Specifically, a month at his beck and call—and in his bed!

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