REVIEW: Cornish Reunion with the Heart Doctor by Louisa George

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Cornish Reunion with the Heart Doctor by Louisa George: Lexi stays busy with her career as a pediatrician. She is still licking her wounds from her failed marriage. She was married 15 years and her inability to have a baby plus other factors played into the divorce. Here she is at 43 and thinking she will never have another serious relationship. It would hurt too much to be betrayed again.
Lexi does get excited when her best friend Jono comes back from Australia. He is a heart doctor and has tried his best to help Lexi heal her hurt via long distance. They are both going to be part of a wedding part in the beautiful Cornish area of England.

Lexi and Jono experience more than friendship at the wedding weekend. Can they still stay best friends when some serious chemistry develops after Jono’s five year absence?

Lexi seems torn and afraid to give her heart to Jono. She knows if things don’t work out she will lose everything. I found Jono to be a tender, caring person. He has had to deal with a prickly father for many years and coming home brings back memories and worries for his abrasive Dad.

A big factor in the story is the age difference between Lexi and Jono. It is refreshing to read a story about a woman in her forties dealing with life. I loved that Jono didn’t worry about ages, but accepted Lexi just as she was.They both had huge compassion for their patients and others in need.

The Cornish countryside was a lovely backdrop for this tale. As an American, I love all things British, especially stories and TV shows.

This was my first time reading author Louisa George. I truly enjoyed the medical issues she worked into the plot. Harlequin Medical Romances have become a favorite of mine in recent times.

Book Info:

Publication: June 28, 2022 | Harlequin Medical Romance |

Find out what happens when two best friends reunite and their chemistry is almost too much to handle in Louisa George’s latest Harlequin Medical Romance.

He’s her best friend…but could he be something more? Pediatrician Lexi can’t wait for her friend cardiologist Jono to move home from Australia. After pouring her heart and soul out to Jono long-distance during her divorce, their emotional bond is strong, but the raw chemistry of their reunion after five years astounds her! And when a Cornish wedding leads to a night of breathtaking passion, Lexi must decide—does she dare risk their precious friendship for the hope of everything she’s ever wanted?



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