REVIEW: Dear Christmas by Sarah Ready

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Dear Christmas by Sarah Ready: There is something just so magical about the festive season and for Cordelia it means that she gets that one all important Christmas letter from Lee. You see it all started ten years ago when Cordelia was receiving from a heart surgery, she received a slightly strange Christmas letter for this funny and charming guy named Lee, granted the beginning of the letter was a bit unorthodox but there was something interesting about Lee that prompted her to write back, and so began their yearly letter exchange. There is a catch however, they are never to meet, call or email each other, they are to save a years worth wishes, hopes, dreams and secrets and only share them in the Christmas letter. Soon the two begin to build a friendship unlike any other but the question is even they are so close will they ever actually meet?

Dear Christmas is a beautifully heart warming Christmas love story that will stay with you long after the book ends. There is just something about the way that Ready crafts her stories that you just cant help but get drawn into them. I have been a fan of the cute and quirky town of Romeo for a while now and let me just tell you Christmas in this loved up town is unlike anything else. I will say that right from reading the synopsis of this book I knew that it would be a goodie and boy was it just that! Though I will say that it did take a bit of time to pick up momentum but once you got invested in Cordelia and Lee’s story it was hard to leave.

Cordelia was such a sweet leading lady, even though she has been through a lot in her life she still radiated goodness. I loved getting to see she share her big family Christmas celebrations with Lee through her letters. As much as I enjoyed reading thing from Cordelia’s POV, I absolutely loved getting to read this book from Lee’s view. My heart broke for our hero and all the trials and tribulations that he had to go through. It was impossible not to see how deeply they both came to care for each other and that they really helped each other through some dark moments as they both grew up.

I loved that the large majority of this book is told in the form of their letters and that we get to fully experience this journey with them as they read and hold on these letters. Also I just loved that he sent her that first wooden ornament, this was one of the cutest parts of the book. As much as I want to delve deeper into the going ons of this book, I just feel that it would take away from the actually beauty of reading the story as it unfolds. Though I will say that I loved that we got to see Erma in action again even if it was in a covert way.

Dear Christmas is a beautifully heartbreaking but also so heartwarming tale of hope, promise and love. This is a total must read book!

Book Info:

Publication: November 21, 2023 | Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC |

What would you do if you received a Christmas card from someone you’ve never met?

When Cordelia Hobday receives a surprise Christmas card from a stranger—the funny, kind, and interesting Lee Weston—she decides to write him back.

But there are rules to this Christmas letter They’ll never meet.They’ll never call.They’ll never email.They’ll save a year’s worth of wishes and secrets, hopes and dreams, and share them every Christmas in one Dear Christmas letter. They’ll be friends for life.And the most important rule of all? They will never, ever, ever fall in love.

Ten years of Christmases. Ten years of letters. One Christmas wish…

This is a Soulmates in Romeo Christmas Novel.



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  1. Glenda M

    This sounds adorable and great! I’ve only read one of her books but I enjoyed it.
    Thanks so much for the review

  2. Kathleen O

    This sounds like a must read for Christmas. Thanks for your review and bringing the book to out attention.