REVIEW: Diving Into Forever by Laurel Greer

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Diving Into Forever by Laurel Greer: Kellan Murphy is trying to complete his late sisters’ challenging bucket list. Not only will this honor her, but end in an inheritance that will let him pursue his goal to have his own restaurant. After having last done a challenge in the Cayman Islands, Kellan is now ready to dive on an island off the coast of Washington. He needs to become a certified diver. The biggest problem is his fear of deep water.

Sam Walker is a dive instructor on Oyster Island. He meets Kellan and agrees to give him private lessons. Kellan is immediately attracted to Sam. How can there be any true relationship when Kelly has a definite goal in mind?

This is the first mm romance I have read from Harlequin Special Edition. I was charmed by the setting and the extremely likable characters. I know nothing about diving so the story gave me a glimpse into a field that would scare me, too.

As always, I learned things from this lovely novel. First how to pronounce Kell’s sisters’ name, Aoife  (ee-fuh) I also learned the definition of pansexual, which you can also locate on Google.

Laurel Greer was a new to me author. Her writing style is engaging. There is to be a second novel in this series. I would recommend you check it out, but read this one first.

Book Info:

Publication: July 25, 2023 | Harlequin Special Edition | Love At Hideaway Wharf #1

Travel the world Become dive-certified Find forever love?

To complete his beloved late sister’s bucket list, chef Kellan Murphy needs to triumph over his fear of deep water. Enter American dive instructor Sam Walker, as kind as he is electrifying to every fiber of Kell’s being. Sam’s soon nudging his way into the Irishman’s heart. But with Kellan’s dive certification comes an inheritance…and the restaurant of his dreams a continent away. Is Kellan’s future really on Oyster Island—with Sam?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Love at Hideaway Wharf

Book 1: Diving into Forever
Book 2: A Hideaway Wharf Holiday



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