REVIEW: The Graham Effect by Elle Kennedy

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The Graham Effect by Elle Kennedy:As a starter to the next gen series Campus Diaries, this one hits all the marks; funny, socially political, raunchy and with a dash of dark to boot. Between Gigi, legendary Hockey play Graham’s daughter, and Ryder, foster care poster child of the year, our two do a little more than cross enemy lines…in fact, undeniably they heat up the ice and before long, both find themselves in a little over their heads.

With the classic hockey formula combining bro-codes and some hard front facing social issues; inequity, and childhood abuse to name a few, this is more than a warm welcome to a new generation of characters who battle it out in love and on the rink for more than just the championships.
Initially meeting when they were all but clumsy teenagers with talent, it’s evident that the spikey banter between Ryder and Gigi is going to head someplace good. And whilst it had a meandering few openers to develop character context, it certainly hit full acceleration about the 50% mark.

More so though, was a revisit to Kennedy’s classic humour, a brilliant combination of self-deprecation, piss taking and classic sit-com. And thus, despite the hot tension that exists between the two nemesis teams merging in the attempt to play together as one, it is definitely the standout and helps build serious context, particularly when our two hero’s realise that they are risking more than they realise by starting something they were simply compelled to start.

Spicy, clever and at times heartening, this is fantastic way to draw fans of the first back in, or indeed, entice a new generation to the complex love affairs of the young adults at Briar University.

Book Info:

Publication: 31st October 2023 | Bloom Books | Campus Diaries #1

Gigi Graham has exactly three goals: qualify for the women’s national hockey team, win Olympic gold, and step out of her famous father’s shadow. So far, so good, except for two little things. Fine–a little thing and a big, grumpy thing. She needs to improve her game behind the net, and she needs help from Luke Ryder.

Ryder is six-foot five, built, opinionated, rude…and sexy as hell. But he’s still the enemy.

Briar’s new hockey co-captain has his reasons, though. The men’s team just merged with a rival program, leaving Ryder with an angry roster where everyone hates one another’s guts. To make matters worse, the summer coaching spot he’s angling for with the legendary Garrett Graham is out of reach after he makes the worst possible first impression on his hero. So, really, this compromise with Gigi is win-win. He helps her make the national team, she puts in a good word
with her dad.

The only potential snag? This bone-deep, body-numbing, mind-spinning chemistry they’re trying to ignore. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, but the risks just might be worth it.



7 Responses to “REVIEW: The Graham Effect by Elle Kennedy”

  1. Latesha B.

    This is a new to me author and this story sounds good. Thank you for the review.

  2. Glenda M

    I’ve heard good things about this one already. Thanks for your review!

  3. Anita H.

    I am so looking forward to reading this one, always enjoyed Elle Kennedy’s books!