REVIEW: Encore by Megan Mulry

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In Encore by Megan Mulry, From the first moment Ellie Sinclair looked into Luke McCormick’s eyes, she knew he would change her world. It was like they had an instant connection. Maybe it was the tragedies they both had overcome that created a bond between them. Whatever it was, Luke felt it too, because after their first date they became inseparable. Ellie is in awe of how the strong, silent man can turn playful and tender while never failing to protect her. She soon finds herself in harm’s way when a danger from his past puts that protective streak to the test.

“You want to see me naked?”
She halted and pivoted around to face him. “Duh.”
“Aren’t you afraid you’ll be so overcome by mindless passion you won’t be able to control yourself?”
“I think I’m up to the challenge.”

Luke’s tumultuous past is one of the reasons he decided to change his ways and live a simpler, more appreciative life. Maybe the reward for all of the tough moments he’s lived through is Ellie. Because he definitely feels like he’s won with her in his arms, looking at him like he rules her world. Luke will do anything to keep her happy and to keep bringing joy to her life on a daily basis. So when someone from his former life threatens to hurt Ellie, he knows only he can save her and the promise of their incredible future together.

‘He loved Ellie completely. He loved the way she was supportive and joyful and never took anything away from other people’s happiness to fuel her own. It was as though she truly believed there was more than enough happiness in the world to go around.’

Encore is the type of story that will make readers believe in second chances: in life, with family, and most certainly in love.

What an interesting cast of characters we had in Encore. Megan Mulry created a heroine with tremendous inner strength who also had an adventurous, joyful spirit. Ellie practically glowed on the pages, especially once she caught Luke’s eye. She truly started to blossom after their instant attraction. It was wonderful to see her happy after the tragedy she went through a few years earlier. And even through the uncertainty of new love, I think Ellie stayed true to herself, doing what she felt was right which I thought proved how strong she was.

Our hero Luke was almost an anti-hero. He had a dark past and had lived through his own tragedy, so he thought of himself as tainted or bad when he was anything but. I loved that he had been on a personal journey to become a better man when he met Ellie. It was captivating to watch Luke fall in love with her and to acknowledge his feelings. He continued to change and grow throughout the story, which was evident when he and Ellie were threatened towards the end. Not only did he prove he was strong enough to protect her, he showed her how much he really cared for her as well.

Luke’s family and Ellie’s friends and neighbors made a huge difference in the storyline. They all had their part in what happened, good and bad. This story had several layers to it, with those bits and pieces unfolding with each new step Luke and Ellie took. I liked how complex the relationships were in Luke’s family and thought their sibling rivalry seemed very realistic. And the same went for Ellie’s close friends. The dynamics were spot-on and in the case of her BFF Lotta, added some humor to the scenes.

I think readers will enjoy getting to know Ellie and Luke on their journey to redefine their lives and find love together. With a bit of suspense, some steamy hot love scenes and incredible friendships, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Book Info:

4SPublication: March 2nd 2016 | Megan Mulry |

USA Today bestselling author Megan Mulry takes readers from the sun-washed coasts of Florida to the cobbled streets of London, exploring the fresh, messy course of real love—and the courage it takes to keep it…

A beautiful stranger

It’s something about his eyes: the intense, searing blue; the focus on her—not just her body, but on Ellie herself. Those eyes hint at passion, determination, the scars of grief. But when she asks the handsome mechanic to meet her for coffee, Ellie knows nothing about him—not even his name.

What she does know is that after three years of building a decent life out of the shrapnel of tragedy, she’s ready to open up again. Ellie is a survivor. She’s willing to fight for a new happiness.

But the unforgettable Luke McCormick has wounds and contradictions of his own. He’s a maddeningly patient lover, and an insatiably passionate soul; an aristocrat and a cowboy; a man with the mark of violence on him, more gentle than anyone she’s known. And yet as Ellie and Luke unfurl the pleasures of a second chance, the terrors of the past lurk just beneath the surface.



14 Responses to “REVIEW: Encore by Megan Mulry”

  1. JoAn V.

    This one sounds really good. I need to go add to the wish list. Thanks for the review.

    • Michele H

      Thanks, Joan! The story was so much fun but also had a lot of poignant moments, so it made it a really quick read. Enjoy!

    • Michele H

      Thanks, Linda! There was a lot of depth to the story. Even with the trauma both characters faced in their past and had to deal with while together, it was a lovely romance!

  2. Sharlene Wegner

    Great review, Michele! Putting this on my every growing list! 😉

    • shygirl19748

      Thanks, Sharlene! Ah, the never-ending wish/to-be-read list. I hear you!! But there’s so many good books out there to read… LOL

    • shygirl19748

      Thanks, Terrill! Megan Mulry creates great characters, that’s for sure. I hope you enjoy it!

      • Terrill Rosado

        I didn’t realize she wrote the Unruly Royals series, as well, until I went to put this one on my Amazon wish list. I haven’t read them, but I was curious and had them on my tbr. Thanks.

        • shygirl19748

          Yes, she did! That’s how I first learned about Megan. The Unruly Royals series is so much fun and very decadent. I’d definitely recommend it! 😉