REVIEW: Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon

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Flirtasaurus by Erin Mallon: Calliope has always loved dinosaurs, so when she managed to land an internship working for the Trix and Monty exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in Philadelphia, she was over the moon. She did not however plan on starting her first day in the job getting trapped in a lift, and then being stood up by the velvety smooth voice that kept her company. When Calliope eventually does meet the guy behind the velvety voice she promptly goes up to Alf and give him a full talking down for standing her up, turns out Alf is actually Ralph and he did not in fact stand her up, it was just a case of miscommunication.

On his very first day of his internship Ralph comes across the ranting lady stuck in the elavator, being the nice guy that he is Ralph keeps her company until the cavalry arrives, but when she stands him up where they were supposed to meet, he doesn’t think to much of it, but imagine his surprise when the very same ranting lady hijacks his presentation to not only chew him out for standing her up but also blames his asteroids for killing her dinosaurs (crazy right?) But our good guy Ralph only seems to be more enchanted by the strange Calliope.

“You are the big ass, beautiful asteroid that plunged into my hard, little heart and broke it wide open so it would never be the same. But instead of sending me to extinction, you introduced me to a whole new life. I love you, Ralph, and I don’t want to have to live without you.”

I am not entirely sold on this book, it had a few very strong points for it but there were a few things that I was not to thrilled about. My main issue with this novel was Calliope, I found her to be super selfish and way to preachy. Her constant preaching got to be a bit to much for my liking, her whole rant on Friends was definitely unnecessary and did not add anything to the storyline. She was definitely an acquired taste, not my favorite female character but in saying this I did like that she was driven and that she knew what she wanted. Though I will say she was hilarious after having a certain tea. The real star of this novel was Ralph, he was such a sweetheart. I loved that he loved Calliope for her and he did not judge her for all her quirks and flaws.

One thing I did really like about this book was that it showed strong females in the workplace. I loved Dr. Knowles and they she was a strong girl boss and that she gave Calliope a chance even after she messed up majorly. I loved Calliope’s family, they were hilariously cute and I loved how Ralph just fitted in with their crazy. Even though I found a few flaws while reading this novel, I have to say for a debut novel Mallon has done a great job and I can not wait to see what she has planned for Mabel’s journey into love.

“You have yourself a wonderful summer, and when the time comes for you two to bond together in holy matrimony, we will be hashtag blessed to welcome you to our family. Did you like that, sweetie?”

I will say that with the amount of dialogue in this book I think it would have worked better as an audiobook. Overall Flirtasauru was a cute story of how opposite balance each other out perfectly.

Book Info:

Publication: July 15th 2020 | Erin Mallon | Natural History Series #1

My name is Calliope and “I bone for a living.” Kidding. I am studying to be a paleontologist though. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to be, and I have finally landed the perfect museum internship to make all of my dino-loving dreams come true.

Trouble is, everyone wants me to be a gentle, loving sort of creature, but I’m more of the T-Rex type by nature – the kind who is determined to stomp and tear her way through any obstacle in order to get what she wants.

But when a sexy, rumbly-voiced astronomer plummets into my orbit and threatens to break open my hard little heart, my career and my whole way of looking at the world is suddenly on the line.

The dinosaurs didn’t see their asteroid coming.

And I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for mine.



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