REVIEW: From Venice with Love by Alison Roberts

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From Venice with Love by Alison Roberts: Dr Charlotte Highton is in Venice to speak in a medical symposium and fulfilling her grandmother’s dream of a luxury ride on The Orient Express from Venice to London in just an added bonus. She bumps into delectable ex-colleague Dr. Nico Moretti after getting lost in the 19088191back alleys of Venice. This little meeting leads to several others and before she knows, Charlotte is very close to fulfilling her grandmother’s final wish-to see her walk down the aisle.

From Venice with Love by Alison Roberts started on a very excited note with a medical emergency .The storyline was very refreshing because it was something very original and I loved the idea of an Orient Express romance. The medical details though few were very interesting, especially the medical case Charlotte narrates in the symposium.

Nico and Charlotte are likable characters and I liked their character growth throughout the book. Charlotte’s grandmother, Lady Geraldine was an admirable character and I liked her strength but unfortunately she kind of ruined the story and romance for me because she overshadowed Nico and Charlotte’s relationship.I always felt there were three people in the romance, Nico, Charlotte and her grandmother.

Overall, From Venice with Love by Alison Roberts tells a refreshing and exciting story. This would have been a stellar read if the focus could have stayed more on the leads Nico and Charlotte.


Book Info:

3SPublished December 1, 2013 by Harlequin Medical Romances

Falling for her fake fiancé

Dr. Charlotte Highton has fulfilled her grandmother’s dream of a luxury train trip to Venice. But how can she fulfill her final wish—to see Charlotte walk down the aisle?

Then, in the narrow streets of Venice adorned with twinkling Christmas lights, Charlotte literally bumps into delectable ex-colleague Dr. Nico Moretti.

And amongst the hustle and bustle of St. Mark’s Square he drops down onto one knee and offers Charlotte a lifeline…a very spontaneous and temporary one!

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