REVIEW: Girl Abroad by Elle Kennedy

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Girl Abroad by Elle Kennedy: All Abbey truly wants is to experience life without the restrictions set for her by her well meaning but overprotective father. Which is why when she gets accepted to study in London for a year she jumps at the chance to spread her wings and fly. The last thing that Abbey expected however was to get tangled up in a royal scandal, wind up sharing an apartment with a bunch of guys and falling in love with not one but two guys that are completely off limits! If Abbey truly wants to have a chance at living her own life she needs to figure out which rule are worth breaking and if her heart is ready for a few bruises along the way…

Girl Abroad was the quintessential coming of age, self discovery journey, learning to be her own woman book. I really liked following Abbey around as she found her feet in London and truly made a life of her own. I loved the element of found family that was largely present in this book. More than anything I found Abbey’s journey very relatable, the best way to grow up is to be away from the comforts of home.

Abbey was such and easy to love leading lady, not only was her character really relatable but she was genuinely a nice person. It was hard not to root her on as she figured out her new life in London, I really loved that she had a strong personality but was at the same time super easy going. I will say that I was a bit torn between the two guys she found herself falling for, while the forbidden romance trope played a nice little role here, I think ultimately she ended up with the right guy. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but I will say that even though we have to wait up until the very end to find out who she ends up with, the wait is so worth it.

I just loved the bond that she forms with her three guy roommates, while the situation started of with a misunderstand the gang soon formed a close knit bond. I just loved that they all stood by each other and truly formed a family unit. This book truly highlights the beauty of a found family. I just loved all the laughs and fun moments with Lee, Jamie and Jack. These guy truly made the book shine all the more.

While I did enjoy this book, Girl Abroad was not my favourite Elle Kennedy book. Though I would still recommend reading this book for the suspense, laughs and very relatable journey of self discovery.

Book Info:

Publication: February 13, 2024 | Bloom Books |

When nineteen-year-old Abbey Bly gets the opportunity to study abroad for a year in London, it’s the perfect chance to finally slip out from under the thumb of her beloved but overbearing retired rock star father. She’s ready to be free, to discover herself – but first off, to meet the girls she’s rooming with. That is, until she arrives at her gorgeous new flat to discover those roommates are actually all boys. Charming, funny, insufferably attractive boys. And off-limits, with a rule against fraternizing between housemates after unwanted drama with the previous girl.

Abbey has never considered herself a rulebreaker. But soon, she’s lying to her father about her living situation and falling for not one, but two men she can’t have: her rugby-player roommate and a broody musician with a girlfriend. Not to mention, her research for school has gotten her tangled in a deeply hidden scandal of a high nobility family, surrounding her in secrets on all sides.

If there’s any hope of Abbey finding love, answers, or a future in London, she’ll have to decide which rules – and hearts – might be worth breaking . . .



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  1. Texas Book Lover

    Hmmm…I typically love all of Elle Kennedy’s books but this one doesn’t jump out at me like her others do.