REVIEW: Heart of Gold by B.J. Daniels

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Heart of Gold by B.J. Daniels: Charlie’s stepsister Lindy was murdered fifteen years ago. So how was she standing just across the street?

Charlie Farmington was shocked when she saw her “dead” stepsister Lindy across the street from her apartment. So shocked that she fainted. When she came to she decided it was just her imagination. Then Charlie saw her “dead” stepsister again. Charlie was the beneficiary of a special boot camp that Judge W.T. Landusky set up for teens as a means to avoid jail. She knew the judge could help her with whatever this was happening to her so she called. Then she tried to cancel. Sorting this all out is something she should be able to handle on her own. Too late.

The judge sent “Shep” Shepard to help solve the mystery. Charlie and Shep fell in love with each other back in that boot camp even though fraternizing with the opposite sex was not allowed. Shep helped Charlie get through that boot camp. But Charlie didn’t feel that she had much to offer Shep back then so she never returned his calls. Here it is years later and wow Shep is one hot stud and still as nice as ever. Shep starts investigating her stepsister’s murder fifteen years ago hoping to figure out what is going on with this stalker. Charlie is grateful for his help. She also realizes that she still loves this guy.

When Shep received the call from the judge he knew he wanted to take on the job of solving Charlie’s mystery. All the graduates of the judge’s boot camp know that one day they could be called upon to do a job as payback for the judge saving them from going to jail. Shep is anxious to see Charlie again. He has never gotten over his feelings for her. After talking to Charlie when they are reunited he tries to make her see she is not responsible for Lindy’s death. Charlie feels guilty because the constant bullying from her stepsister finally got to her one evening when their parents were out and she locked Lindy out of the house. This was when Lindy was murdered. Shep needs to find answers for Charlie.

Heart of Gold by B.J. Daniels is the third book in her Montana Justice series. This story is another excellent example of Ms. Daniel’s super ability to write romantic suspense. She always seems to have convoluted plots to keep readers guessing, interesting characters and just the right pace in the story. This book is no exception. Charlie and Shep are both very interesting characters who have made great strides in life following their troubled youths. I liked how I was kept guessing and enjoyed the twists and turns as the story progressed.

Book Info:

Publication: August 18th 2020 | HQN | Montana Justice #3

A cold case leads to present danger

Charlie Farmington has been blaming herself for her stepsister Lindy’s unsolved murder for fifteen years. Then, through the twinkling lights and pine-scented air of a Montana Christmas, she glimpses Lindy—alive—standing on the street. Shocked and afraid, Charlie turns to the only person she can trust to help her: William “Shep” Shepherd, her first love, who knows all of Charlie’s secrets…except one.

The intriguing girl Shep fell hard for has become a breathtaking woman—and now that she’s back in his life, he’ll do whatever he can to help her uncover what really happened to her sister. But when Charlie finally reveals the secret that ripped them apart all those years ago, Shep realizes how much danger is still lurking. For the truth about that night isn’t just dark—it’s deadly. And their second chance together could end before it’s even begun…



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  1. Dianne Casey

    I really enjoyed the description of the book. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Glenda M

    Ooooo This sound good! I usually like BJ Daniel’s books. Thanks for the review!