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Kilt Trip by Alexandra Kiley: As a travel consultant Addie Macrae is used to globe trotting to all kinds of fancy and beautiful locations, all except the picturesque Highlands of Scotland. Well that is until she is hired to help a struggling family-run tour company that specialises in Highland tours, if Addie has any hope of not only saving their business but also her job, then she has no choice but to pack away her own emotional baggage and travel to the one place that she has promised never to visit. Personal baggage aside this should be a cake walk for someone like Addie, well that is if tour guide Logan Sutherland wasn’t determined to make each step more difficult than needs to be! Logan loves sharing the beauty of the Highlands that he calls his home with the people around him, so the last thing he needs or wants is to take direction from some American trying to push tourist traps, when she herself has not even step foot beyond her desk to explore the country herself! With a war of wills being waged between the two, something has to give if either of them wants save the business. Maybe all it will take to make a difference is an old polaroid, shining new light on old memories and creating a spark that will breath new life into not only the business but into a relationship…

“Sometimes we find a place we’ve never been before, but it feels like coming home.”

Kilt Trip was just incredible! This book was easily one of my favourite destination romance novels to read, when I say the desire to book a trip to Scotland is real, I mean I’m talking about already looking up flights! Kiley has done a fantastic job at creating not only a brilliant romance but also capturing the attention of her readers with her description of Scotland and all the folklore and legends tied to this beautiful place.

“The quiet side of her that revealed her heart so carefully called to him in a way he had no choice but to answer.”

I absolutely loved Logan and Addie, these two could not have been more suited for each other, not only were they both incredibly love able but they both had so much of personality that made this book all the more enjoyable. I really liked getting to know Addie better as the book progressed, as much as she was open to exploring and living her best life, she was incredibly scared to open her heart to love and allow someone to hurt her. I really liked getting to see her grow more comfortable with opening up and talking about her grief she still faces with the loss of her mother and allowing Logan to help her reconnect with some of these memories. As for our hero Logan, well he was the perfect Scottish gentleman, there was nothing that I did not love about this guy and his sweet mushy heart. It was impossible not to fall in love with Scotland with the way Logan waxed poetic about the beautiful history and lures of his country. His passion and love for the Highlands was more than evident with the care and love that he took in sharing his home with others.

“You brought my heart back to life.”

Logan and Addie had such a sweet meet cute that really held so much of promise for what would have been an even cuter love story, well that is until it all went south! These two had so much of banter and a huge battle of wills once they realised that they would be forced to work together, but gosh did things get super cute again once Logan figured out why Addie was so closed of to Scotland. The amount of effort and though that he put into creating a tour specifically for Addie to help her reconnect to her mother was just beautiful. Truly I’m a sucker for the hero falling first and that was definitely what happened with Logan.

Kilt Trip was a total five star read for me, I loved everything about this cute, Scottish love story. I can not wait to see what Kiley has planned for next, if this book is anything to go by I can already say that I am going to be a fan of her work! Do yourself a favour and get a copy of Kilt Trip, this cute and heart warming romance is a total must read!

Book Info:

Publication: March 5, 2024 | Canary Street Press |

Ready or Scot…

Globetrotter Addie Macrae always follows her wanderlust. As a travel consultant, she jet sets around the world—anywhere but Scotland. But when she’s sent on assignment to help a struggling family-run tour company in the Highlands—and save her own job—Addie packs away her emotional baggage and turns on the professional charm.

Rugged as the land he loves, Logan Sutherland’s greatest joy is sharing the beauty of Scotland’s hidden gems…even if it means a wee bit of red ink on the company’s bottom line. The last thing Logan wants is some American “expert” pushing tourist traps and perpetuating myths about the Loch Ness Monster—especially when Addie never leaves her desk to experience the country for herself.

As they wage an office war, Logan discovers Addie’s secret connection to Scotland: a handful of faded Polaroids of her late mother. Hoping for a truce, he creates a private tour to the places in the pictures to help Addie find closure and appreciate the enchantment in less-traveled destinations, never expecting the off-limits attraction sparking between them. But Addie’s contract is almost up, and magic won’t pay the bills. They can’t afford distractions, but how can Addie do her job if she hasn’t explored all Scotland—and Logan—have to offer?



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    Thank you for the review. This sounds like a wonderful story and gives me more reason to want to go to Scotland.