REVIEW: Lake Effect by Johannah Bryson

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In Lake Effect by Johannah Bryson, Shelby Aylesworth has loved and lost, now she is afraid of loving again for the fear of loosing it, and so she likes her life with just her faithful collie Norman and living comfortably in Whiskey Island without a worry. Until one morning when they are on their morning run and Norman gets into trouble once again, but this time it’s with the new owner of the old vineyard and manor.


Wyeth Packard has come to Whiskey Island not only to restore the old vineyard and manor house profitable once again but he is also there to find some peace and quiet from his usual life in NYC. He may have a life most want, but being considered one of the city’s most eligible bachelors has put him on the sights of every gold digger and society princess there. But now only that, his latest paramour has become obsessed on making their relationship official and taking it to the next obvious step, marriage. Wyeth wants someone to get to know the real him and love that person, not just the person that everyone knows in the social circles in NYC for the money he has.

Only now as Norman has started barking against Wyeth he finds himself in a puddle of very dirty water, while Shelby runs uphill through the brush and gets scratches from every shrub on the way. Once she arrives she want s to help her new neighbor, only as she tries to help him she ends up in the dirty water herself. With all the scratches she has, Wyeth can’t allow her to leave without first attending to them and giving a little first aid.

However things are not as easy as they wish, for the attraction they have for each other is immediate and deep, but old pains die hard and they will not submit to the inevitable easily. Shelby will try very hard to resist him, yet her own morals will not allow her to ignore him without first thanking him for attending her scratches.

Things between Wyeth and Shelby will not be easy for he must first find a way to get past her fears and convince her to give them a chance. But also because they are from such different worlds and he will first have to realize that she is not just another gold digger after his money. They will have lots of conflict and problems created to separate them before they can find their happiness together, but with a little work and trust they will find out that true happiness is only found when they are together.

For a sweet, fun and light read that you will not be able to put down, don’t miss Lake Effect by Johannah Bryson.


Book Info:

4SAugust 12th 2013 by Crimson Romance

Lake Effect by Johannah Bryson

Shelby Aylesworth knows what real love feels like. She also knows the pain of losing that kind of love. With her faithful collie dog, Norman, she takes refuge on Whiskey Island to try to put her life back together. When Norman arranges a most unusual introduction to the island’s newest resident, Shelby finds herself wondering if it isn’t time to stop grieving and start living.

Wyeth Packard has come to Whiskey Island under the guise of restoring and making profitable an old vineyard and manor house. What he really wants is some peace and quiet away from the fast pace of NYC. Being considered one of the city’s most eligible has thrown him into the path of every gold digging society princess out there. He longs to find a balance but has given up on ever finding a woman who will love him for who he is, not what he has.

Together they navigate the slippery slope of what it means to begin again. Can a new love fill the void left by an old love?


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