REVIEW: Lightning Strikes Twice by Elizabeth Hrib

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In Lightning Strikes Twice by Elizabeth Hrib, livestock veterinarian Kate Cardiff returns home to the family ranch after her father has a medical emergency. There she finds ranch hand Nathan Prescot, who clearly knows little about his job. It turns out he’s actually a photographer between jobs, and he and his friends are chasing storms in the area to get photos.

Kate has more than her father’s health to worry about, as it appears the ranch has been having financial difficulties since she’s been gone. Will Nathan not only help her to save the ranch, but to realize that it’s ok to let go and have some fun?

Kate dislikes Nathan at first sight, but Nathan is determined to win her over. Why he wanted to so badly was beyond me, because she was hostile towards him for no real reason. She only agrees to work with him on the ranch because her parents need the help while her father recovers. Kate does become more likeable as the book progresses, but overall, the romance between Kate and Nathan was lackluster. I didn’t feel any chemistry between them; it felt more like they were together simply because no one else was really around.

I will say I enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first half. The first half seemed to move very slowly, while the pace definitely picked up in the second half. I also enjoyed Nathan’s friends and fellow photographers; they were fun characters.

While I liked the concept of the story it fell flat for me, mainly due to the lack of chemistry between Kate and Nathan. It did have its share of enjoyable moments, but they weren’t enough to make me love this one.

Book Info:

Publication: April 25, 2023 | Harlequin Special Edition | Hatchet Lake #1

Recently single, livestock vet Kate Cardiff is tired of risking her heart. So when an emergency calls her home to her family’s struggling ranch, Kate is ready to help—and definitely not looking for love. It’s dislike at first sight when she meets temporary ranch hand and storm-chasing photographer Nathan Prescott. He says he can win her over, but Nathan lives in the moment, not for the future. If Kate opens her heart to someone who lives on the edge, will taking the risk lead to another heartbreak…or a new beginning?



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