REVIEW: My Fair Billionaire by Elizabeth Bevarly

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In My Fair Billionaire by Elizabeth Bevarly, Peyton Moss may not have My Fair Billionaireliked stuck up Ava Brenner despite their sizzling attraction back in school but now he needs her help to teach him the proper way to behave in high society.

Ava might not be the same girl he knew in school but their rivarly is still the same along with the sizzling hot attraction. t will Peyton still want her when he learns about the scandal that sent Ava from riches to rags?

My Fair Billionaire by Elizabeth Beverlay is a well written and enjoyable romance with a sparkling plotline. The witty dialouges and the exceptional characters never fail to put a smile on your face. I loved how the author puts a new twist on My Fair Lady.

Ava and Peyton are both very contrasting characters. While Ava goes from riches yo rags, Peyton goes from rags to riches. Ava was a spoiled and mean girl back in high school but after loosing all her wealth, she has gone through a much needed transition from mean to kind. Peyton is a self made billionaire who still has his rough and ruthless nature. It was a sure delight seeing them clash.

Overall, My Fair Billionaire is a witty and enjoyable story which does not fail to entertain.


Book Info:

04.5SPublished June 3rd 2014 by Harlequin Desire

Henry Higgins she’s not! Back in school, stuck-up Ava Brenner may have been Peyton Moss’s personal mean girl by day, but different kinds of sparks flew at night. Now the tables have turned, and Peyton’s about to make his first billion while Ava’s living a bit more humbly—to put it mildly. He needs her to teach him how to pass in high society, if they can manage to put old rivalries to bed. Soon, that’s exactly where they end up! But will Peyton still want her when he learns about the scandal that sent Ava from riches to rags?



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  1. SuziQ

    Thanks for the review, I’ve enjoyed other books by Elizabeth and look forward to this one.

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