REVIEW: Not Your Crush’s Cauldron by April Asher

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Not Your Crush’s Cauldron by April Asher: As a supernatural teacher Olive loves rules and order, so much so that she really has never stepped out of line, but when she gives her students an assignment designed to push them out of their comfort zones, she realise that she to needs to take a leap with them, and what better way than to move in with her longtime crush, tattooed biker guardian angel Baxter, while knocking items of her “dare I do it” list! As far as guardian angels go Baxter is pretty much the black sheep, with one last chance to prove to the higher ups that he is worthy of his wings, he is assigned the task of keeping an eye on Olive. While this should have been an easy assignment it would seem the normally chilled witch is shaking things up, forcing Baxter to dust of his wings and really knuckle down and embrace his inner aerialist. Only problem being as much as Baxter wants to remain on the straight and narrow he cant help but feel tempted to break a huge Guardian Angel Code of Conduct rule… don’t fall in love with your charge!

I have just been loving the Supernatural Singles series so far and I can quite easily say that Not Your Crush’s Cauldron was one of the best so far, this book was cute and playful, while still having a lot of heart and depth. Asher has done a great job with this supernatural play on the opposites attract trope. I think the only thing that was lacking in this book that the pervious two had was an element of danger and drama, while there was a bit of drama in this book it really did not spark as much intensity as in the previous books. I will say I did love getting to see the other two Maxwell sisters and their partners, it was really nice to see the gang together.

I really liked both Bax and Olive, even though these two came across as complete opposites, they really did have a lot in common, but more than this I just loved the side that they brought out in each other. Bax was a great hero, he was rocking all those bad boy vibes perfectly. Even though he was a bit naughty, his heart was always in the right place. All in all I really liked Baxter and the wit that he brought to this book. Though I do have to say that this book was largely about Olive, this was her journey to finding herself and really just learning to step out of her comfort zone. Olive was a really easy to like female lead character, she is calm and collected, never one to cause drama and pretty level headed, so getting to see her step out of all the order and into the unknown was a total treat. I loved getting to see her knock of items from her Dare I list.

The connection between Olive and Bax was perfection! These two just balanced each other out.. Where Bax was wild and live for the moment Olive was all about having a plan in place. I just loved getting to see these two bounce off each other and they had insane sexual chemistry. Their forced proximity as roommates only amped up the steam factor and I was so there for this! The other thing that I really liked was the fact that they completed activities from Olives Dare I list together. I think the only thing that I wish that there was a bit more of was actual magic, aside from a few flying trips together there really wasn’t much magic to their story.

Overall Not Your Crush’s Cauldron was a really cute read. If you enjoy pining and angst in your books, I definitely recommend this witchy romance!

Book Info:

Publication: February 13, 2024 | Griffin | Supernatural Singles #3

Olive Maxwell much prefers teaching about the supernatural world to taking part in it and leaves the magical shenanigans to her two sisters―the Prima-Apparent and Bounty Hunter-In-Training. But after assigning her college students a project designed to nudge them outside their comfort zones, Olive realizes that she’s never once stepped a toe over her own…and it’s about time that changed. Her first
trip into the unknown? Moving in with her long-time crush―and friend…tattooed, motorcycle-riding, and pleasantly pierced, Baxter Donovan.

Bax Donovan, Guardian Angel not-so-extraordinaire, has acquired so many black marks on his record it looked like a scantron sheet. He’s given one last chance to keep his Guardian wings intact, a high-profile Assignment he knows all too well. Olive is usually as low-risk as it got. Hell, she wrote the safety manual. But something landed her on the Guardian Affairs radar and his guess was it had something to do with the heart-pounding stunts she’s determined to check off her Dare I Docket list.

Keeping Olive out of trouble is about to be his toughest assignment yet, and not because he’s forced to shake the dust off his feathers and embrace his inner aerialist. He’s at real risk of shattering the only Guardian Angel Code of Conduct Rule he’s yet to Don’t fall in love with your Assignment. And he isn’t so sure that’s a bad thing.

If love didn’t play by the rules, why should they?



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    I like the cover. Thanks for sharing your review. The book does sound good.