Review: One Night, So Pregnant! by Heidi Rice

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 One Night, So Pregnant! by Heidi Rice



Publisher: Harlequin Presents (December 1, 2012)

Book Info

What to expect when you’re unexpectedly expecting

Shock: Telling a gorgeous (almost) total stranger that he’s going to be a dad is never easy!

Cravings: The instant chemistry that catapulted Tess Tremaine into the wildest night she’s ever had isn’t going to just go away—and no one says no to Nate Graystone when he’s determined to be involved….

Hormones Gone Wild: Surely that’s the only reason she’s failing to keep Nate out of her bed, out of her mind…and why she keeps wanting more from the most unattainable man she’s ever met?


One Night, So Pregnant! Was oh-So truly satisfying!

Like any other Heidi Rice book I couldn’t quite wait to get my hands on this one and devoured it as soon as I got it.

I really like the spin Heidi gave the well-used “Accidental Pregnancy” Trope…she kept it light and flirty and the passions burning high.

I like the fact that Heidi’s characters are all linked between her books and I just know Zane’s book is going to be a fire cracker of a read.

One Night, So Pregnant! Is a must read…..The dialogues are feisty, the characters perfectly drawn out and the sex scenes worthy of 5 alarm blazes.

Highly recommended!






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