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Only and Forever by Chloe Liese: As a bookstore owner, romance book club chairperson and all round romantic, you would think that finding love would be a walk in the park for Viggo, but it seems that this helpless romantic is helpless at finding love. Maybe Viggo just needs a bit of order in his life for love to find its way to him. Which is where Tallulah comes in to the picture with a plan that could help both of them out a jam. You see Tallulah is having a bit of difficulty writing the romantic subplot to her thriller novel, if certified romantic Viggo can help her with her writers block then she will lend her master organisational powers to help salvage his store. So the two find themselves rooming together to maximize their time and resources, never mind the fact that they hardly get along or that they are completely different… what neither of them realise is that while they might be crafting a romance subplot, a very real one is blossoming right in front of them…

I have loved this series right from the very first book and I am sad to see one of the most inclusive and empowering series come to a close, but I’m glad that we say goodbye to the Bergman series with the most romantic and selfless character of them all, Viggo. This book was the perfect close to one incredible series, if you have not read it yet, what are you even doing with your life? But never fear the beautiful thing about this series is that you can read all of the books as standalone. I have to take my hat of to Liese on the brilliant way that she has not only included disability in each of her books but she has normalised it and even gone so far as to celebrate it.

Viggo was easily the cutest of all the Bergman siblings, this guy was a total romantic and getting to see him finally find his happily ever after was just the perfect way to end this series in my opinion. After championing very one else’s love story it was finally his turn to shine, well sort of. I loved the fact that Liese did not give Viggo a conventional love story, his was a bit out of the box and just goes to remind us that love doesn’t always fit into a perfect mould, and sometimes the love we have been looking so hard for is actually right in front of us. I really loved getting to see the inner workings of his character and getting to see him try to manage his ADHD. Truly there was nothing I did not love about Viggo, he was the perfect sunshine hero that you could not help but root on. Where as our leading lady Tallulah was the total opposite, where Viggo embraced love, she pushed it away. She was a bit more of a complex character and I couldn’t help but feel like there was more to her story than what we got to see, nevertheless I loved her all the same. She was a more guarded with her feelings which is to be expected after growing up in a revolving house of divorce. I really enjoyed getting to see her finally come out of her shell and truly flourish as a character.

Tallulah and Viggo were the perfect sunshine meets grumpp couple, these two even though so different could not have been more perfect for each other. They provided each other with the perfect balance and some really spicy banter. I just loved seeing them tiptoe around their growing feelings and really falling for each other. One of the cutest things about them was the reenacting scenes from books to help spark inspiration for Tallulah. More than anything I loved the fact that this couple had an open line of communication, they hashed out their issues and didn’t allow anything to fester.

It was a total treat getting to see the other Bergman siblings and their significant others make appearances throughout the book to truly round up the series. As with all of her book Liese delivers a brilliant read in Only And Forever, this book had heart, romance, laughter and so much of feeling. A total must read!

Book Info:

Publication: April 2, 2024 | Berkley | Bergman Brothers #7

Viggo Bergman, hopeless romantic, is thoroughly weary of waiting for his happily ever after. But between opening a romance bookstore, running a romance book club, coaching kids’ soccer, and adopting a household of pets—just maybe, he’s overcommitted himself?—Viggo’s chaotic life has made finding his forever love seem downright improbable.

Enter Tallulah Clarke, chilly cynic with a massive case of writer’s block. Tallulah needs help with her thriller’s romantic subplot. Viggo needs another pair of hands to keep his store afloat. So they agree to swap skills and cohabitate for convenience—his romance expertise to revive her book, her organizational prowess to salvage his store. They hardly get along, and they couldn’t be more different, but who says roommate-coworkers need to be friends?

As they share a home and life, Tallulah and Viggo discover a connection that challenges everything they believe about love, and reveals the plot twist they never saw happily ever after is here already, right under their roof.



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