REVIEW: Parisian Escape With the Billionaire by Michele Renae

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Parisian Escape With the Billionaire by Michele Renae: Cady Burton is a receptionist for a big firm. She schedules trips and things for clients who need help to go about their business. In her job she keeps things very well organized. Her personal life is as careful as her work. She doesn’t want lots of drama. She leaves that up to her mother who has pursued wealthy men and is now on her fourth divorce.

When the client liaison at the company becomes very sick at the last minute, Cody must step into that job. She is to go along with renown photographer Sabre d’Aramitz. This trip is made even more daunting when she realizes she will need to fly on both a helicopter then a jet. She’s never flown before. She makes it from her home in Las Vegas to Finland without any problem. Cody is enthralled by their accommodations in Finland and even more so with the splendor of the Aurora Borealis. Helping Sabre with his photography is fun and he is very charming.

When they get back to Las Vegas, Cady sees that her boss is still not fit to travel. She agrees to continue to travel with Sabre. They end up in Paris. Sabre’s grandfather died a few months ago and he is still dealing with the loss. He will need to do some paperwork and decide what to do with his grandfather’s home which he inherited.

Sabre encourages Cady to take some vacation time so she can stay and tour Paris some more. She seldom takes time off, but how can she pass up such an opportunity? The two of them become very close in adventures with viewing, shopping and eating. Will they both be able to go back to their normal lives? Sabre travels 80% of the time and Cady is used to a quiet life.

The two main characters may come from very different worlds. It’s easy to see how they have a lot in common at the same time. They both missed out on having a childhood with two parents. Sabre became so removed from his father that he called him by his first name. Cady had to deal with step-fathers who weren’t very nice and even her mother put men before her daughter.The author shows how difficult it is to get past such things.

The romance builds slowly and is mostly sweet. Sabre certainly has a hard time convincing Cady that she is beautiful and special. He’s definitely a kind and caring person which one doesn’t always see in wealthy businessmen.

I loved the settings and atmosphere that added to the plot. The food sounded delicious except for the snails and eels. Everything is an acquired taste, I guess. This novel will let you experience different places and cultures without having to leave home.

Book Info:

Publication: August 22, 2023 | Harlequin Romance |

Traveling the world with a famous photographer is the opportunity of a lifetime for receptionist Cady! She’s just not prepared to feel such desire for him… Find out what happens in Michele Renae’s latest jet-set story for Harlequin Romance.

Saying yes…

to the billionaire’s invitation!

Receptionist Cady’s life is careful and surprise-free. So when she’s asked to step in as client liaison for world-famous photographer Sabre d’Aramitz, she jumps at the chance for adventure— at last ! But it’s not just the jet-set trip that has her heart racing…it’s also billionaire Sabre. As they explore Paris, Cady must ask Having played it safe her whole life, is falling for Sabre a risk worth taking?



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  1. Glenda M

    Thanks so much for the review! I’d love to be able to travel a lot! Not so sure about the snails and eels tho

  2. Latesha B.

    I love exploring different countries through characters’ eyes. Thank you for the review.