REVIEW: Mr. Hook-up by Marni Mann

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Mr. Hook-up by Marni Mann: When Easton Jones and his tow best friends created the Hooked app it was simply to help make dating in the modern world that much easier. The last thing that Easton expected was to meet his perfect match on the app. The connection that Easton begins to feel toward Love is really nothing short of falling in love, but just as they connection is beginning to get stronger Love disappears completely deleting her profile from the app, leaving Easton confused and heartbroken. Fast forward five year and Hooked is one of the top rated dating apps on the market, time has not only been kind to Hooked but also helped heal Easton’s heart. Things are just starting to sizzle between Easton and his new recruit Drake Madden, when a blast from the past comes strolling in. The question is, is Easton willing to give Love a chance to explain or is he better of keeping his heart safe with Drake?

When I read the synopses of Mr Hook Up I was super eager to dive right in, with the promise of something that had a bit of angst and drama this book seemed like it would be right up my ally, however I couldn’t help but feel that the first half of this book let it down majorly. Not only was the first half slow and drawn out but I just felt that it lacked something, in saying this I am glad that I powered through to to the second half, because this is where things get interesting. The second half of Mr Hook Up is where the action is at and let me just say it was worth the slow build up. I loved the angst and drama of who will Easton finally end up with and where was Love all this time. More than anything I loved the ultimate reveal, no spoilers here, sorry!!

I absolutely loved Easton, he was one of the nicest heroes that I have read. I think his character was a nice balance between strong, assertive alpha but at the same time not afraid to face his feelings. I will say that he handled the Love and Drake situation very well, he was clear about his feelings and how Love had hurt him but at the same time he understood her reasons. Now for our leading lady Drake, well I loved her just as much as I loved Drake. She was strong, driven and determined to make a name for herself in a largely male dominated industry. I understood why she had done what she had in the past and her need to come clean with Easton now. I really do not want to say anymore about her character because I feel that it would give away to much.

The chemistry between Easton and Drake was insanely hot! I loved these two together, there was no denying their chemistry and the magnetic pull between them. As much as they had great sexual chemistry I really enjoyed getting to see the emotional connection between these two grow as they slowly let each other in. I liked the way that they worked through their emotional drama and the hurt feelings from their past. All in all these two had an incredible connection that time and hurt could not alter.

Mr Hook Up was definitely a good read, this book has a good amount of angst, emotional drama and some super steamy moments. If you can look past the slow start – which I’m glad that I did – this book is so worth reading!

Book Info:

Publication: October 3, 2023 | Montlake | Hooked #1

They’ve made the ideal connection on a hot new no-strings hook-up app. But their hearts have other plans in an unpredictable and wildly sexy romance by a USA Today bestselling author. Hooked. An app designed for the ideal one-night stand is the brainchild of Harvard graduate students Easton Jones and his two best friends. When Easton creates his Hooked profile, he gets a 100 percent perfect match. Who is this sure thing? Her username is Love. Their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive, and just when Easton begins falling for her, she disconnects from the app and disappears. Five years later, Hooked is now the number one dating app in the country. But that’s not the only thing on fire. Easton’s brilliant, gorgeous new recruit, Drake Madden, has ignited a desire he hasn’t experienced in years. Professionally and personally, they’re sizzling. Just as things really start getting serious, Love resurfaces. She wants a chance to explain, and she’s sending Easton’s heart into rewind. He has a loving woman in the flesh and a fantasy from his past—Easton’s world is about to be rocked. And rocked hard.



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