REVIEW: Resisting the New Doc In Town by Lucy Clark

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Resisting the New Doc In Town by Lucy ClarkDr. Richard Allington is visiting Sunshine General hospital on a fellowship for four weeks. He is a visiting doctor in the E&A department for the next month and he is already smitten by the department’s head, Dr.Bergen Moncrief from the first day itself. He knows from the first sight itself that Bergen is special and unlike any woman he has RTNDITever met.After losing his wife,he had lost all hopes of finding love again but after seeing Bergen he begins to hope again. He has one month to get through the heavy duty armour Bergen carries but can he do the same in such a short time…??

Resisting the New Doc In Town by Lucy Clark is a well written,regular and sweet medical romance. There were enough medicine elements woven together with the romance to make this a perfect medical romance.Bergen had a lot of emotional baggage and issues but it was understandable because of her rough childhood. She was a foster child for most of her childhood and had to fight hard for everything. She was therefore very reserved and took time to trust and gel up with any person. Richard had every quality which you would want in your real life hero.He lost his beloved wife but I think it was really brave of him to not drain himself in the misery and become a tortured hero with emotional issues.It takes more courage to not lose hope and to open your heart so freely after going through a personal tragedy.

‘Perspective, Bergan. You taught me that. It’s how you look at things and what you do with that knowledge that counts.’

The romance was sweet and it all started and ended in the good old fashioned way. It was not over the top, dramatic.They shared a connection from the start and their relationship progressed slowly with friendship. They shared a part of themselves with each other and connected on a personal basis with each patient they treated together. The pace was also good and the story progressed smoothly.

“Bergan.” He walked quickly around the desk and came toward her, instantly
sliding his arms around her waist and drawing her close. “I don’t know
where this attraction between us might lead. I don’t know what’s going to
happen when I get back to Paris. But I can tell you I’ll be focused on my
work, not on seeing how many Parisian women I can date.”
“I just thought that now that you’ve…you know, sort of broken your drought
and started enjoying a relationship with me…when you went back—” She
stopped and closed her eyes. “I sound ridiculous.”
“No. No, you don’t,” he insisted. “I’m as much out of my depth as you are,
but what I do know is that right here, right now, being with you, I’m happy.”

Overall,Resisting the New Doc In Town by Lucy Clark is a good and enjoyable read. Its a good old fashioned romance and is everything you expect from medical romance.Recommended for medical romance lovers and Lucy Clark’s fans.


Book Info:

4SPublished August 2013 by Harlequin Medical Romance

One month to win her heart!

Dr. Richard Allington—fresh from romantic Paris—would be dangerously easy to fall for. But E.R. director Bergan Moncrief hasn’t fought her way to the top, overcoming her troubled youth, to become a notch on the bedpost of a globetrotting charmer who is only in town for a month….

But Richard knows instantly Bergan is special, unlike any woman he’s met on his travels. The handsome widower realizes he’s ready to risk his heart again, but it’s going to take all his charm to convince Bergan that he’s serious—and time is running out….

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