REVIEW: Romancing the Grump by Jenny Proctor

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Romancing the Grump by Jenny Proctor: When Summer Callahan took on the new job as the legal representative for the Appies hockey team, she was expecting to get a new fresh start in life, she did not quite expect to find herself in a whirlwind fake romance with the grumpiest Appie of them all, Nathan Sanders. Turns out beneath all the grump and muscle is actually a really sweet guy and Summer is finding it harder and harder to remember that their relationship is only meant to be for show… the only thing standing in their way of the most epic love story is the big defence man himself and his insecurities with mixing love and hockey, the question is can Summer convince him that love is worth taking a chance on?

I just adored this book! Firstly I’m a total sucker for the fake dating trope, so really this book was right up my alley, add in the fact that it was a grump meets sunshine love story and you have to know I was completely sold! Aside from already ticking all of my favourite trope boxes, the actual story was pretty damn good. This was the type of book that was easy to get lost in and not want to come out of. I love following Summer and Nathan as they tried to fake something that was very clearly real.

Summer was such a sweetheart, it was hard not to love her character. I loved that she was so positive and happy and just generally a nice person. I loved getting to see her work her legal magic and get all boss girl with helping Nathan’s brother Blake. Truly Summer was a stand out leading lady, I loved the fact that she was so bold and fearless and that she knew that she had to be a bit patient with Nathan. Now for our big broody brawler, I just adored Nathan. I am so glad that we got to read things from his point of view as well, this only made me love this guy all the more. For all his gruff exterior this guy was totally smitten with Summer from the get go and I loved getting to see him battle to remind himself that falling for her was a bad idea. I really liked getting to see the growth of his character as the book progressed and getting to see him realise that he is not his father. I really liked the way his struggles with relationships were handled and that Summer gave him the space to do this for himself.

This couple was truly perfect together! I loved that they had banter and that there was this playfulness to them. They balanced each other in the best way possible and I just could not get enough of them being together. Their chemistry was just fire and there was absolutely no faking this! I loved seeing them bond and try to skirt around their feelings for each other. I absolutely loved getting to see his protective side come out while being with Summer. One of the cutest things in this book was the staged ice skating date, this was just a swoon fest and I loved every moment of reading it.

I just loved getting to see the Appies again, these guys are just a hoot to read! I loved their sense of brotherhood and the values they stood for. I loved the way they welcomed Summer into their family and the way they gently supported Nathan when he needed them. I really liked getting to see Summer’s family and the dynamic she had with her twin sister. Nathan’s family was great, I really liked seeing him with them and the softer side of him when with them.

All in all I absolutely loved reading Romancing The Grump, this book is a total must read in my opinion. If you are a fan of hockey romances then this is definitely the book for you!


Book Info:

Publication: April 23, 2024 | JPC Publishing | Appies #4

He’s a grump and happy to stay that way. But can her sunshine melt the ice around his heart?

Nathan Sanders didn’t earn his reputation as the grouchiest player on the Appies hockey team by chance. So when Summer Callahan breezes into his life with her flirtatious smiles and endless charm, he responds like he always does: he completely ignores her.

But Summer is intrigued by the surly defenseman, so when a viral social media post requires her to step in and fake it as Nathan’s girlfriend, she jumps at the chance. She’s convinced the ones with the hardest shells are often the softest underneath, and she’s determined to prove it.

But Nathan doesn’t crack so easily. Despite their obvious chemistry, he makes his lack of interest in a relationship—any relationship—perfectly clear. But the longer they pretend, the less fake everything seems, and the more Summer starts to fall.



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