REVIEW: Savor It by Tarah Dewitt

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Savor It by Tarah Dewitt: Sage is your average small town girl, living her best life with her bunch of misfit animals on her little hobby farm. Life was going really good for Sage, that is until her long term boyfriend dumps her and gets engaged pretty soon after the end of their relationship, now not only does Sage feel a bit hurt but she is tired of being on the receiving end of all the towns pity.

What better way to prove not only to herself but the entire town that she is doing better than ever than to crush it at the towns annual summer festival, the only problem being she needs a partner… well when an accidental kiss with her new Michelin Star chef neighbour, Fisher, sends the towns rumour mill into overdrive, the two decide to form an alliance.

Fisher will pose as Sage’s boyfriend, while she helps rehab his image with the towns people and remove the roadblock stopping him from succeeding with the his restaurant. However things turn steamy between Sage and Fisher leaving them wondering if just one summer together is enough…

“He didn’t fix me, and I didn’t heal him, but we loved each other wholly”

I love a good small town romance and add in the fact that this was a fake dating trope and I was totally sold! Savor It was just perfection, this book was equal part cute, steamy and heartwarming. I will warn you that you are going to need to keep a tissue handy, there were more than a few moment that had me tearing up. The thing I really liked about this book was how it highlighted the fact that regardless of all the plans one makes life can change in a blink of an eye. DeWitt has done a great job in packing an emotional punch with this book but still managing to keep it a light and happy read.

I just adored Sage, she was the type of character that you would want to be friends with, she had such a nice warmth to her. I loved that she was kind and caring but still a bit sassy. I loved all of her punny shirts, these were just hilarious. Truly Sage was one of the nicest characters that I have read and I could not wait to see her find her happy ending. I loved Sage’s huge heart and all the care and love she gave all of her animals. Oh Fisher, gosh our hero was a complex mess of emotions. My heart really went out to him and the grief and loss that he had been struggling with. Not only did he lose his sister but he lost his passion to cook, its not easy losing your identity and coming back from that, but gosh did I love getting to see him fall in love with food again. I really enjoyed getting to see his character develop and grow as the book progressed, also I loved getting to see his relationship with his niece blossom.

“Sweetheart, I’m finding when it comes to you, I don’t know what I’m capable of, but I’m happy to test those limits.”

Sage and Fisher could not have been more perfect for each other, not only did they have some hilarious banter but the tension bouncing off them was hot! Aside from having a great physical connection, I loved the emotional connection that these two formed. They actually saw each other, they looked past all the facades and saw the raw emotions they each were carrying. One of the things that really made their relationship work was the fact that they had such open and clear communication, I for one loved this about them. I really liked the way that they dealt with the more sensitive topics of grief and overcoming Fisher’s burnout, this couple had something very tender and real about them that I really liked.

SAVOR IT is a total must read, I loved about this cute yet emotionally touching small town, fake dating romance. If you are looking for a book with loveable characters and a beautiful story to along with them then this is the book for you!


Book Info:

Publication: May 21, 2024 | St. Martin’s Griffin |

Summer won’t last forever.

Sage Byrd has lived in the coastal town of Spunes, Oregon (not to be confused with Forks, Washington) her entire life. She’s learned to love her small world, with the misfit animals on her hobby farm, and her friendships with the town’s inhabitants. But when her 5-year relationship ends and her ex, town-golden-boy Ian, suddenly gets engaged, Sage needs a win―something that will convince everyone to stop pitying her all the time, and to put Ian in his place. The Festival of Spunes, the town’s annual summer competition, would be the perfect opportunity. She just needs a partner.

Fisher Lange was a hotshot chef in New York City until the loss of his sister left him numb, grieving, and responsible for his teenage niece Indy. When Fisher loses his Michelin star along with his love of cooking, his boss sends him and Indy to Spunes on a much-needed summer sabbatical to consult on a restaurant opening. But when clashes with the townspeople threaten his last chance to redeem himself and a kiss with his new neighbor Sage leads to dating rumors, a strategic alliance might just be the best way to turn things around.

A deal is struck. Sage will improve Fisher’s image in the eyes of the town and remove the roadblocks he is facing with the restaurant, and Fisher will be Sage’s partner for the competition. But as their pact quickly turns into steamy rendezvous, emotional wounds begin to heal, and the pair tries to savor every moment, they start to realize that summer is racing by much faster than they would like…



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    Sounds like a great summer read. Looking forward to reading the book.