REVIEW: Second Chance with the Single Mom by Annie Claydon

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In Second Chance with the Single Mom (London Heroes #2) by Annie Claydon, when Dr. Alistair Duvall comes face-to-face with his ex-wife Raina Elliot, he never imagined it would be because she needs his help in order to help her amputee daughter. Still, even after the pair going their separate ways after such heartbreak, Alistair is willing to do whatever it takes to help. Will Alistair be able to win his ex-wife back or will their second chance at forever slip away?

”I can’t pretend that Anya doesn’t remind me of the child we lost, any more than I can keep pretending I’ll wake up tomorrow and be able to hear again. Those things are gone now.” He let her go, stepping back.
“It’s not easy. I asked a lot of you when I applied for the project, and you could be forgiven for taking your time.”
He shot her a reproachful look. “Don’t give up on me now. You need to stop trying to be so nice to me, and start telling me what you think. I can’t do this on my own.”
“You want me to be the Wicked Witch, do you?” She raised her eyebrows as Alistair smiled, the atmosphere between them lifted.

Always finding second chance romances a pleasure to read, I was really looking forward to Alistair’s story after reading the first book of this series by Ms. Claydon and I’ve got to say that this story does not disappoint. Really, Alistair and Raina are so deserving of a second chance at forever after everything they’ve been through and I’m so glad that they do achieve it in the way that they do. Since there are so many obstacles they face to be together, as they both realize the decisions they made in the past weren’t the best ones they could have made but the ones they had to make in order to keep on going with their lives after such heartbreak.

As for the dialogue, it was emotionally-animating, utterly engaging and a story that I loved not only because of the main characters but because of the secondary ones as well. Certainly, the friendship between Alistair and Gabriel is tight and I enjoyed the way they offer each other advice when it comes to the choices they make in their lives, especially when it involves the heroines and whether they’re going to give forever a chance. Will Alistair be able to win Raina back?

”Alistair, this is a bit pricey.” She whispered the words, wishing she’d thought to look at the menu on the reception desk.
“It’s my treat…” He silenced her protests with a firm look. “Indulge me. Or I’ll have to resort to unfair tactics and point out that Anya will be really disappointed if she doesn’t get one of those cakes.”
He gestured towards the cake stands, which sat on a side table ready for serving. Anya looked round and her eyes suddenly became as round as saucers. “Those are unfair tactics, Alistair.”
“What’s a guy supposed to do? You have me outnumbered.” He grinned and Raina’s heart melted.

With the main characters, both have been through so much and I’m glad that they gave each other a chance, even though they’re each a painful reminder to the other of the past. Really, neither handled their heartbreak in the best way, even though going their separate ways was possibly the right thing for them to do in order to deal with what happened. Will Alistair and Raina be able to handle being around each other? Moreover, the heroine is strong and brave by going to Alistair for help. Then again, Raina turning to him for help is for the good of her daughter and she is someone that will do anything for the ones she loves. While the hero, he’s kind, caring and I loved the growing bond between him and the heroine’s daughter. They’re absolutely adorable together and I hoped so much that Alistair and his team would be able to help her. I also liked the decisions the hero makes throughout this story and that he does everything he can to help Raina and her daughter.

Overall, Ms. Claydon has delivered a fantastic read in this book where second chances are possible; the romance was nicely-detailed and had me loving these two together; and the ending made me so completely happy that these two took a chance on forever again because they’re meant to be together. I would recommend Second Chance with the Single Mom by Annie Claydon, if you enjoy medical romances, the second chance romance trope or books by authors Charlotte Hawkes, Lucy Ryder, Louisa Heaton and Janice Lynn.


Book Info:

Publication: May 21st, 2019 | Harlequin Medical | London Heroes #2

Can their unexpected reunion…become a longed-for family?

In this London Heroes story, Dr. Alistair Duvall’s stunned when ex-wife Raina Elliot walks back into his life, needing help for her amputee daughter. After the heartbreak of losing their own baby, Alistair’s not prepared for the adorable little girl to capture his heart. And seeing Raina again rekindles a spark that never quite died… Can Raina convince him he can be the husband and father he wants to be?



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