REVIEW: Submissive Seductions by Christine d’Abo

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Submissive-SeductionsSubmissive Seductions by Christine d’Abo is a good read for readers who enjoy the BDSM storylines.

It all starts when Liz goes to a charity auction at a BDSM club with her best friend, with the intention of buying a Dom. See, Liz thinks she’s a submissive but she needs proof, and this is her way of finding out. She buys Master Gareth and they head to the blue room. I think it was a little naïve of Liz to think one night with a Dom would give her all the answers she seeks and eventually she realizes that one night with a Dom is not enough.

Now that Liz has a taste of the lifestyle and the pleasure of being in Gareth’s company she wants more, but Gareth can’t provide her with what she needs. Gareth is still getting over his wife’s death and believes he can’t give Liz what she needs, but Liz knows who she wants and tries to appeal to Gareth’s other needs, which might involve switching it up and going mistress on him. This was very interesting and so unlike any of the other BDSM books I’ve read.

I liked how the relationship developed. I liked how Liz took the initiative to find out if she was suitable for a certain lifestyle. No sense in staying in a regular relationship that can’t give you what you need. There were a few time jumps that didn’t really benefit the story and I wasn’t a fan of Liz’s internal dialogue. At moments her internal dialogue is amusing but at other times, she was questioning herself about letting a man control her, over and over again. It didn’t work for me but it might appeal to other readers. What I did really like was Gareth and Liz coming to the realization that she needs normalcy with her kink. The BDSM world isn’t an all or nothing kind of lifestyle and what works for one person doesn’t automatically work for another.

Overall, it was a good read with many likeable qualities.

Book Info:

03.5S February 16th, 2016 | Lyrical Press |

Sometimes getting what you want…makes you crave something more

Purchasing a Dom from a charity auction was the wildest thing Liz had ever done. The chance to bring her secret fantasy to life, to be a submissive—even just for one night—was worth any price. And Gareth was everything she wanted in a Master. He touched, he taught, he tantalized. He opened her world to pleasures she’d never imagined. But was it enough?

After one night turned into a blurred-line relationship, Liz’s feelings for Gareth went beyond desire. Yet the kink, no matter how hot, had her wondering if she could ever have a normal relationship. Her Dom was a man with a tragic past and he’d put rules in place from the start. If Liz chose to break them would she lose the intense passion she’d just discovered—as well as the man she loved?…



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