REVIEW: The Bride’s Baby of Shame by Caitlin Crews

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The Bride’s Baby of Shame by Caitlin Crews is one part of the Stolen Brides duet of romances with Jane Porter. Jane’s romance, Kidnapped for his Royal Duty, detailed what happened to the groom-to-be in a fateful wedding that never took place. This one by Caitlin is the former bride-to-be’s side of the story and her passionate romance with an Italian rogue.

Sophie is an English heiress betrothed since birth in a marriage arranged by her parents. Seeking to have one last taste of freedom, she has a passionate one night stand. But the man she abandons in the middle of the night, Renzo, doesn’t forget her so easily. With the aid of a meddling friend, he discovers Sophie on the eve of her wedding to another man. And, she’s pregnant with his child!

Not one to be deterred when he wants something, Renzo proceeds to kidnap Sophie from her wedding before the vows can be said, whisking her off to his castle on a remote Sicilian island. The villagers at the foot of the hill are indebted to Renzo for their livelihood and make escape impossible. Renzo brings the attraction they still share to the forefront and offers her the position of his mistress, but Sophie wants more. Are a real relationship and a happy family life worth fighting for?

Passionate, sexy, sometimes over the top –classic Harlequin Presents drama unfolds here, but updated with the acknowledgement that consent is required on both sides before anything sexual happens (a much needed and welcome advancement to the line). Sophie and Renzo waste no time when their eyes meet across a crowded room, and neither regrets the night they spend together, though Sophie is the one who must deal with the consequences when she ends up pregnant. She hadn’t yet figured out what to do when Renzo shows up back in her life, but the choice is taken from her.

When they are alone together on his island, Renzo lets the decision as to whether to sleep together again rest in Sophie’s hands and doesn’t push her. But once she gives him the green light they slip into a very satisfying arrangement. Renzo has trust issues from his past family experiences and doesn’t believe in love. He’s a generous lover, and has a soft heart that is hidden well, but a cynical exterior. When Sophie admits that her feelings towards him have grown, Renzo must decide whether he is capable of loving someone after all. In the end their happy ever after is assured. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining romance.

Book Info:

Publication: June 19, 2018 | Harlequin Presents | Stolen Brides #2

He knows the bride’s secret… …she’s carrying his baby!Dutiful heiress Sophie has never challenged her gilded existence, even agreeing to a convenient marriage at her father’s command. Until she meets ruthless Sicilian Renzo–one carnal night awakens unimaginable desires, and leaves her pregnant! When Renzo uncovers her secret, he’ll stop at nothing to legitimize his child–including storming Sophie’s wedding and stealing her as his own bride!



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