REVIEW: The Duke Goes Down by Sophie Jordan

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The Duke Goes Down by Sophie Jordan: After discovering his parents were not married before he was born, Peregrine “Perry” Butler’s life changed dramatically. He loses the title of Duke of Penning, the prestige, his friends, and the wealth. He had been raised with the expectations of the title and now he finds himself as a plain mister and living with his mother because he has no money of his own. His plan is to use his looks and charm to find an heiress to maintain his previous lifestyle. Perry rapidly discovers his standards for a wife must be lowered now that he had no title. Vicious rumors about him are making their way through the small-town causing the heiresses to avoid him. He knows he must find the source of the rumors before his chance to find a rich wife is ruined.

Imogen Bates, the daughter of Shropshire’s vicar, had nothing but contempt for Perry, her spoiled childhood nemesis. After his fall in consequence, she could only think of one reason he was in Shropshire mingling with people he had always considered below him. He was looking for a wealthy wife, but she was set on saving the ladies of Shropshire. As a result of the rumors she started, Perry is now seeking her out to stop the rumors.

This was truly an enemy to lover romance. Imagen held a grudge against Perry for several years after being humiliated by him. She feels like he is finally getting what he deserves now that he has lost the title. Even though she feels guilty, she continues to spread rumors even after he confronts her and asks her to stop spreading them. She lets her bitterness from childhood shadow her view of him as an adult, never thinking he could have changed.

After losing everything, Perry realizes he likes living a simple life and does not want to return to his previous lifestyle. He saw how fickle his friends were when they dropped him right after he lost his title. He wants to accomplish something on his own and not have it handed down to him because of his birth. I am a big fan of Sophie Jordan, and this was a great start for the series. It was well written with a slow-burn romance between two enemies. I look forward to the next book and hope the mystery of the new duke is revealed soon.


Book Info:

Publication: July 27, 2021 | Avon | The Duke Hunt #1

The Bastard Rogue…

Peregrine Butler’s privileged blue-blooded world is rocked to the core when it is revealed he was born before his parents’ marriage and, therefore, is not the legal heir to the dukedom. Facing ruin, Perry must use his charm and good looks to win an heiress—all the while, ignoring his fascination with the one interfering and alluring chit who is intent on sabotaging his efforts.

The Lady Vicar…

Everyone knows Imogen Bates, the virtuous daughter of the senile vicar. She can write a sermon in a day and spot a rogue in a second, so she sees right through Perry’s seductive façade. But Imogen’s plan to protect the heiresses of her beloved Shropshire from the erstwhile Duke of Penning, the bane of her existence since childhood, soon turns into something altogether unacceptable for the proper lady… who suddenly finds herself longing to keep his heated glances and tempting kisses all to herself.



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    Thanks for the great review! This is on my TBR list! Love the cover!! 😉