REVIEW: The Forever Dream by Iris Johansen

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In The Forever Dream by Iris Johansen, Tania Orlinov has worked hard to be where she is now. She not only worked hard to become one of the best ballerinas out there, but also to escape Russia and to get asylum in the United States. Now she is one of the most sought after ballerinas in New York.

TFDJared Ryker is a genius. He has one of the highest IQ there is, he has several Doctorates and he is a very gifted genetic scientist. Now after years away he has made an appearance in New York for a short time, but he will have to return to seclusion shortly. While in the city, an old friend and lover has taken him to the ballet, and to his surprise he cannot get the prima ballerina out of his mind.

Now Jared is back in Canada in what could be considered a fortress to continue improving on his research and accomplishment. Something so big that his life can be in danger if his discovery becomes public before everything is ready. But his attention cannot be kept there for long and he keeps escaping to New York to see more ballets by Tania.

When Tania is approached by a man and offered one hundred thousand dollars for six weeks of her time, she thinks the man is crazy and that it’s all a joke. But after she declines the offer and is then kidnapped, she cannot help but blame Jared. She has worked hard to be an independent and free woman and her freedom has been taken away for the next few weeks. But she won’t give in easily; she will try to escape at every opportunity that presents itself. She has already survived an escape in the middle of a blizzard she can survive another escape.

While Tania is convinced that she cannot trust or give in to Jared, her attraction to him is undeniable. And Jared will use that to his advantage and use her own weapons against her in order to seduce and win her over. But he won’t do anything to break her spirit for that is the one thing that keeps things lively.

Jared and Tania will have an adventure with intrigue, some failed escape attempts and someone that will betray Jared and try to kill him when everyone’s guard is down. Don’t miss The Forever Dream by Iris Johansen, it will definitely keep you wondering what happens next.


Book Info

Harlequin JunkiePublisher: Loveswept (June 10, 2013)

Jared Ryker is a gifted genetic scientist. But the brilliant recluse has never found anyone he can share his life with—until he meets Tania Orlinov, the incomparable prima ballerina and Soviet defector who expresses the exquisite beauty of love in a way that only dance can reveal. But Tania has no interest in love, which only fuels Jared’s attraction, one that grows into an obsession.

As Jared gets closer to Tania, he is torn between compassion and overpowering desire. When their passion flares, they both are stunned by its depth and intensity. But their private fantasy is shattered by powerful forces that are determined to seize control of Jared’s research, which holds the key to an astonishing secret. As a deadly confrontation looms, Jared and Tania prepare to fight for their lives—and for the freedom to build a future in each other’s arms.

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