REVIEW: The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor

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The Luck of the Bride: Janna MacGregor continues her Cavensham Heiresses series with The Luck of the Bride. Michael Cavensham, the Marquess of McCalpin and ducal heir, is the trustee of the funds set aside for the Lawson sisters.

The Lawson sisters, along with their younger brother were left orphans eight years earlier upon the death of their parents. McCalpin is informed that the eldest Lawson sister, March, has been forging his name to secure funds. He knows that he must step-up and look into just what is going on with the Lawsons. In the meantime, March Lawson has been struggling for the past eight years leading her siblings through lean times and has become desperate. The funds due to her on her twenty-fifth birthday from her father’s estate have not been dispursed to her by the trustee. After trying to contact the trustee with no response she resorts to procuring the funds by the means at hand. McCalpin insists on addressing this issue with March Lawson and visits her home. Thus the path to finding true love begins.

The author has a wonderful ability to make her characters come to life on the pages of her story. She draws the reader into their lives, emotions and passions. March Lawson is depicted as a brave, strong, loving lady. Addressing all the troubles facing her family, she strides forward each day to protect her siblings and provide for them as best she can. She has put her feelings and her life on hold until McCalpin enters the picture. Upon meeting March Lawson McCalpin is enchanted with this lovely lady. He can’t have her arrested for her misdeeds and decides to help the family. Janna McGregor has painted a picture of McCalpin as a fair man who believes in doing the right thing.

The Luck of the Bride is an engaging read with wonderful glimpses of London and the fickleness of society of the time. This story has fun interactions amongst the characters with witty dialogue and some poignant moments. I really enjoyed the meeting of March Lawson and her “David,” the Marquess of McCalpin, and the delightful road to their HEA.

Book Info:

Publication: May 1st 2018 | St. Martin’s Paperbacks | The Cavensham Heiresses #3

Family secrets, mistaken identities…love and money make people do crazy things in The Luck of the Bride, the third Cavensham Heiresses novel.

March Lawson has never had much luck, and in a desperate move to save her family, she’s been posing as the Marquess of McCalpin. But when she’s summoned to a meeting with the Marquess himself, March expects jail time…not to be bewitched by dark hair and sapphire eyes.

Michael Cavensham, the Marquess of McCalpin and heir to the Duke of Langham, finds himself drawn to March despite the judgments from his peers. He isn’t sure he can trust March, especially since Michael has a secret that could ruin him and his family.

But society conspires to keep March and Michael apart, and when March is accused of not being who she says she is, will Michael toss her aside or fight for the woman he’s come to love?



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