REVIEW: The Motherhood Mix-Up by Jennifer Taylor

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In The Motherhood Mix-Up by Jennifer Taylor, Mia Adams is shocked to learn that her son Harry is not really her biological son. Meanwhile, her biological son has been raised single handedly by the handsome cardiac surgeon Leo Forester, who also happens to be Harry’s biological father.


After a DNA test confirms the mix-up,Mia and Leo are forced to spend time together for their children’s sake. What started as a mistake can turn into a perfect family but are Mia and Leo ready for the same..??

He was attracted to Mia and she was attracted to him too
but they couldn’t act upon their feelings. They had to concentrate on Noah
and Harry, on making sure that what had happened at the clinic didn’t ruin
their young lives.
Leo took a deep breath as he stepped into the lift. He might want Mia but
he could never have her. The sooner he accepted that, the easier it would be.

The Motherhood Mix-Up by Jennifer Taylor started off great and the first few chapters were engaging. It had a plotline and a great story, written in an engaging manner but there was not enough romance for my liking. A major part of the story is about the children and almost everything involves them somehow. Mia was difficult to understand sometimes because I found her lack of interest in her biological son and her obsession about Harry illogical. I liked that she stood up to Leo when he turned too autocratic. Leo was a good hero and maybe he behaved illogically sometimes but I liked him because his behaviour towards the mix-up was very much rational .The medical aspects were good and interesting to read.

His lips settled over hers, softly, warmly and so familiarly that she sighed.
It shouldn’t feel so good to have him kiss her. It shouldn’t feel so right when
they both knew it was wrong. However, there was no point lying. She wanted
his kiss. She wanted him.

Overall,The Motherhood Mix-Up by Jennifer Taylor is a good medical story told in an engaging manner but the lack of romance and too much focus on the children makes it fall flat. Recommended for Jennifer Taylor fans and anyone who likes a good input of children in any story.

Book Info:

3SPublished October 2013 by Harlequin

He has her child—and she has his!

Mia Adams’s life is turned on its head by the news that five years ago there was a mix-up at her IVF clinic—her adorable son is not hers! Meanwhile, her biological son has been raised single-handedly by handsome cardiac surgeon Leo Forester!

With so much at stake, sparks fly between the brooding surgeon and the feisty nurse, but when they’re forced to spend time together for their boys’ sakes, their uneasy attraction unfolds. Is it a hidden blessing that could turn a heartrending mistake into a truly special family…?

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