REVIEW: The Reunion Lie by Lucy King

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The Reunion Lie by Lucy King: Zoe Montgomery was in her own kind of hell. Having decided to attend her high-school reunion, she realizes that it wasn’t the best idea. Yes, she’s successful and not nearly as socially inept as she was in her teens – but Zoe had no idea that her goals were so different from her classmates. Where she was driven to succeed on her own, they were all discussing how they landed rich husbands and looked at Zoe like a pariah for not doing the same.


Dan’s been living a very empty life. He has everything he’s ever wanted, except he’s doing it all alone. He’s convinced himself that a string of empty ‘three-date’ relationships will cut it, but there’s just something missing. He wouldn’t call it serendipity to be in that pub on that particular night. So many women gossiping and poised to notice the infamous Dan Forrester – and when Zoe waltzes over and plants one on him, he just knows it’s a setup for the paparazzi.

Zoe manages to explain her situation. She’s invented a fiance and chose him to play the part. Dan has no idea why he decides to go along with it – it may have something to do with her being bullied. His sister went through a similar experience and he felt like he failed her. Perhaps he can get just a little redemption by helping the admittedly gorgeous woman perpetuate her lie. Of course, he’s completely forgotten there might be ramifications to joining Zoe and her classmates until one of them realizes who he is.

Zoe and Dan part ways, but when morning comes, they’re linked in the papers as their ‘engagement’ is leaked. Dan quashes the story which leaves Zoe feeling a bit foolish. However, she decides that her chat with Dan might have given her a bit of courage – so she actually tells the truth and stands up to her most vindictive old-classmate, who calls to rub things in about her broken engagement.

Zoe feels better, and decides to take the next step. She’s going to get back in the game, and have a fling with Dan Forrester. He wasn’t unmoved by their attraction, and since he’s easy to find, she might as well make him an offer he might find hard to refuse.

Dan doesn’t hesitate. After all, Zoe explains that she’s not looking for a long-time thing. She’s open and honest about her feelings, which are to let loose and have a fling. She’ll even sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will stop her from selling her tell-all story like the last woman he was involved with. She even goes along with his ‘three-date’ rule, but at the end of the three dates, Dan finds he may want to extend their ‘contract’.

Another HQ KISS winner! Quick, entertaining read, and a little different from the standard ‘fake engagement’ story. The leads were pretty straight-forward with each other. Nobody played games, and any misunderstandings stemmed from lack of self-realization. Hard to find fault when the person perpetuating the problem has no idea why they’re doing it.

I really liked Zoe. She may have been labelled as ‘different’ by her peers, but I found her charming in her own way. She never once manipulated Dan or led him to believe she wanted more out of their tryst. She was willing to end the relationship as long as it was also what he wanted. It showed her integrity to stand by her original agreement.

On the other hand, Dan had been burned several times, and really didn’t understand that there could be women that were honest and true to their word. Once he figured that out, he manned up and confessed to his short-comings… twice.

Nice, sweet, heartwarming story – and the plotline is a little off the beaten path. All strengths in my book. If you like the KISS line already, you’ll enjoy this one as well. If you’re not familiar with them, what are you waiting for? 🙂

Book Info:

4SPublished November 19th 2013 by Harlequin KISS (Book 42)

It was only meant to be a little white lie.

Inventing a fake fiancé was an act of desperation for Zoe Montgomery – a knee-jerk response to her horrifying high school reunion! But now that she’s convinced London’s most unattainable bachelor to play the part, her little white lie is spiraling out of control.

Because everyone wants a piece of tycoon Dan Forrester. Including Zoe! Especially once she’s seen the view from his bedroom – this might be a fake engagement, but she’s certainly not faking anything else!

Now the reunion is over, and Zoe and Dan have convinced the world they’re meant to be! But convincing each other? A whole different challenge…

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