REVIEW: The Worst Wedding Date by Pippa Grant

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The Worst Wedding Date by Pippa Grant: A trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii is just the thing that all round good girl Delaney Kingston needs and add in the fact that its not just any tropical getaway but her best friend Emma’s destination wedding and it would be hard not to be excited, however the last thing that Laney expected was for one of the tasks as a bridesmaid would be to play babysitter to Emma’s big brother Theo Monroe. All Laney really has to do is make sure that Theo stays out of trouble and out of the grooms way, what could possibly go wrong by forcing the towns goodie two shoes and a well known troublemaker together? This new emotion brewing between them surly can’t be actual romantic feelings, right?

“I found my reason for living in Hawaii. My purpose. What I want to do every day for the rest of my life. I found her.”

The Worst Wedding Date was Pippa Grant at her best, this book is an appealing mix of mischievous fun mixed with some good ole spicy romance. Im a huge fan of the best friends brother trope and this worked out even better than I had expected with Laney and Theo, their shared history only made reading their story all the more delicious.

Oh Theo just stole my heart, this guy was book boyfriend perfection! I just adored the fact that he was such a protective big brother and his love for saving all small furry creatures only melted my heart all the more. As for his big bad secret well lets just say that I did not see this coming but this only goes to show how brilliant Grant’s writing mind truly is. I have to say that I really admired the fact that Theo proved everyone around him wrong and really made something great of himself after always being told that he would amount to nothing. Also this guy was downright hilarious it was impossible not to giggle throughout this book. As for our girl Laney well she was just as sweet, I really enjoyed getting to see her come out of her shell and truly living for herself.

“I want him because he’s life. I feel like I’m taking a full breath of fresh air after living underwater. I feel electric. Alive.”

From the outside looking in Theo and Laney could not be more different but once we got to really know them it was pretty clear that they had a lot more in common than that meets the eye. Both of these two characters really never got a chance to grow up and truly find themselves. With Theo he has always been pigeonholed into the box of boy that never got serious about anything and for Laney well she has always been trapped in her parents shadow. Which only made them finding growth together and in each other all the more perfect. I really enjoyed getting to see them see this other side to each other and really help the other embrace their true self. As for their chemistry, well it was just perfection. I loved their banter and the playfulness that flowed between them.

I do have to say that I was not such a big fan of Emma’s, gosh there were moments that I wanted to really give her a slap or two. The way she treated Laney, Sabrina and Theo was not great. I really did not like that she made Theo look like some loose cannon rather than realise that her fiancé was a total tool, let’s just say I’m hoping that she gets her own book with a bit of a redemption story. Mostly I really want to see what else the residents of Snaggletooth have in store for us, I’m hoping we get Sabrina’s story soon, I have a feeling it will be a really goodie!

The Worst Wedding Date is a must read! This book was such a delight to read, not only was it cute and quirky but it had me laughing out loud more times than I can count! I can not wait for more from Grant!

Book Info:

Publication: April 13, 2023 | Bang Laugh Love LLC |

I didn’t know bridesmaid was code for babysitter for the bride’s brother, but if that’s what my best friend needs of me for her dream wedding to go off without a hitch, that’s what I’ll do.

Even if Theo Monroe has been a pain in my rear since third grade.

Even if he should be responsible enough to not wreak havoc at his sister’s destination wedding.

Even if it means we have to share a hotel room in Hawaii, which might be the final duty that breaks me.

Not only does Theo know exactly how to push my buttons, but he never wears clothes, he’s hiding a litter of kittens in his room, and he keeps showing up with fresh-baked cookies that seemingly come from nowhere.


I have no idea what’s up with the tension between him and the groom.

Or why he’s so proud of the world’s strangest wedding gift.

Or why I suddenly want to know what makes him tick. The story behind his tattoos. How he can afford to rent a convertible in Hawaii. And if maybe all of that utter frustration and irritation I’ve felt for him for years is suppressed attraction that a good girl like me isn’t supposed to feel for the biggest bad boy of Snaggletooth Creek.

But I do know one thing.

When I find out his biggest secret and the answer to all of my questions, it will change everything.



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  1. Hooked By That Book

    Great review. I also loved Theo and Laney, but some of the other characters drove me crazy. And the beginning wasn’t so great, but it definitely got better.

  2. Amy Donahue

    Somebody’s hiding kittens? Count me in. Added to my want to read list.