REVIEW: Their Last Resort by R.S. Grey

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Their Last Resort by R.S. Grey: The need for some stability and family is what brought adventure lover Paige Young to Siesta Playa, but the beautiful weather and her new found family is what keeps her at the lovely island resort. That and the love hate relationship that she has with deputy operational manager Cole Clark.

As far as opposites go, Paige and Cole could not be more different. Where Paige is all about living for the adventure, Cole is more interested in planning and crunching numbers, there is yet to be a day where the two don’t rile each other up… but maybe all that banter is the base for something a lot more steamy and all it takes is a single kiss to unlock a new layer to their relationship. However these new strange and complicated feelings are the least of their worries as a huge storm threatens to batter the island, leaving Paige and Cole no choice but to room together as the resort braces for the storm. No power, a bunch of crazy doomsday prepares and more than a few complicated feeling floating around sounds like just another day in paradise…

The synopsis of this book sounded incredible and I was instantly attracted to it, also the fact that it is an R.S Grey book I was already sold, though I have to be honest and say that I could not help but feel that Their Last Resort fell a bit short for me. There was something about this book that was missing the usual Grey magic that I have come to love about her books. While this book had the perfect combination of enemies to lovers and work place romance set in a tropical island working in its favor, I just couldn’t help but find it to be a bit to drawn out and slow burn for my liking. In saying this I still enjoyed reading this book.

Both main characters were really amazing in their own rights and I loved following them as the story progressed, but I have to say that Cole well and truly stole my heart. I love the hero falls first trope and that was so our guy Cole, he was so head over heels for Paige, I just wish he had bucked up and made his move sooner! I liked that he was a more serious character and he had the patience of a saint to deal with all the wacky guests and the most useless manager! Though I think the fact that he cared for Paige so much so that he was willing to make it his mission to save her job and the resort as a whole that truly made me love his character. Now for our wild and carefree leading lady, Paige, well I loved that she was such a free spirit and that she finally found her place in the world after living as a nomad growing up. However I just could not help but find her character to be a bit immature and childish.

There was definitely chemistry between Cole and Paige, these two danced around their feelings and then suddenly jumped into the deep end. I loved that Cole had been carrying a candle for Paige all along and he was kind of just waiting to make his move. Though I could not help but feel that their relationship went from incredibly slow burn to insta love overnight. I would have liked to have seen their relationship grow a bit more through the book, rather than them getting together at the very end.

I one thing I love about Grey is that she always delivers some great supporting characters and this is most definitely the case in this book. I just loved the dooms day prepares, these oldies were just hilarious and I loved every moment of them. As for Blaze, well that was a hilarious twist!

Their Last Resort was a nice read, this book had some great laugh out loud moments and an interesting slow burn love story all set in a beautiful island.

Book Info:

Publication: May 1, 2024 | Montlake |

Paige Young and Cole Clark are polar opposites. A world traveler since birth, Paige loves to lead activities for guests at a luxury island resort in Turks and Caicos. From bingo nights to cliffside hikes, Paige is up for anything. Cole, meanwhile, prefers his number-crunching desk job. He’s the assistant director at the resort—stiff and meticulous. He’s so by the book that he keeps the book. In his desk drawer.

They’re perfectly aligned in one way, though—their ability to drive each other crazy. Every day brings a fresh battle of wits. They’re rivals, archnemeses…and they’re definitely never going to talk about that one time they kissed. Ha ha. Nope!

But when Paige finds out that Cole has been ordered to fire her on the same day a hurricane threatens their little slice of paradise, it’s clear the game is over.

At odds, in peril, and forced to shelter in place together, these two enemies might finally have to confront their true feelings. (You know, the ones hidden under all those withering looks.)



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