REVIEW: Until It Was Love by Pippa Grant

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Until It Was Love by Pippa Grant: The number of reasons why life coach Goldie should avoid dating Fletcher are truly not in the rugby stars favor but with her time in the States fast coming to an end and little to lose Goldie decides to throw caution to the wind and have a bit of fun. It also doesn’t hurt that dating Fletcher will really annoy her overbearing brother in the process. After being booted out of his famous European rugby team Fletcher has relocated back to the States to try and redeem himself and his career by making rugby as famous as football or hockey, the only problem being his new team seems to hate him… and dating his new teammates sister sure isn’t helping his case at all…

I just loved this book! There was something so incredibly cute and heartwarming about reading UNTIL IT WAS LOVE, this book was filled with heart and so many laughs, I really liked that this was so much more than a romance, Grant deals with a whole host of emotional issues as her characters travers through this book.

Fletcher was easily one of the most loveable heroes ever, this guy knew how to take a hit to the ego in his stride and still come out looking like a prince. It was impossible not to warm up to this big ole softie as we got to know him and his past. All in all Fletcher was a great guy with a heart of gold, he wanted to prove himself not only to his dad and his teammates but also deep down to himself. I loved his dedication to making rugby great and building a fan base for the Pounders, even if that meant he had to make himself look like a fool. I just adored his relationship with Sweet Pea the cute little Dachshund, she was almost like his emotional support pet and I just loved their bond. Now for our leading lady, Goldie, well she too has been through a fair bit in her time and I loved how she turned  around a bad situation and became a life coach. She was inspirational, supportive and an all round great girl. I will say my heart broke for her once we learn just how much she lost with her injury. I loved her entire story arch and the fact that she made it her mission to help people find their next chapter.

Im a huge fan of the fake-dating trope and this was so the case with Goldie and Fletcher. Try as they might there was no way that these two could possibly deny their chemistry. I just loved watching them go through the motions of denial, to its only benefits, to all out love. There was so much of sexual tension between these two, that only built up as they played the slow burn game. Though I loved every moment. Aside from great chemistry I really liked the emotional bond that they created, they provided each other with that emotional support that they both needed. They could understand each other in a way not many others could, seeing as they both had lost a part of their career.

The supporting characters in this book were just incredible! I loved the old lady gang that were Goldie’s support circle. These three oldies were just gold! They had so much of sass and wisdom but most of all they were downright hilarious. I loved that they played a role in pushing Goldie and Fletch together. As for the Pounders, gosh these guy were just perfect, once they fully warmed to Fletch they were truly his boys. I loved the way they pushed their way into his heart when he needed them the most. Though I have to say I loved the love hate relationship between Fletcher and Silas, so much testosterone and ego between these two made for so much entertainment. I think it would only be fair to mention the little princess that really got the entire ball rolling between Fletch and Goldie, and that would be Silas daughter Hallie. Goodness Hallie was just the cutest, I love how she instantly liked Fletcher and really didn’t give Silas much of a choice in accepting him.

UNTIL IT WAS LOVE was the perfect combination of my favorite tropes: fake-dating, grump meets sunshine, brother’s rival and sports romance. This book truly ticks all the boxes and then some!! This is a definite must read!

Book Info:

Publication: April 11, 2024 | Bang Laugh Love LLC |

There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t date Fletcher Huxley.

He’s a growly-faced, stubborn-streaked, international rugby legend trying to revive his flailing career in the US after being canned by his team overseas.

While he might have the good kind of thunder thighs, intriguing tattoos, and a booty of steel, he also holds the top position on my very short nemesis list thanks to what happened the first time we met.

Plus, his mustache is as terrible as the reason he’s picked me to be the woman he wants to date.

But he has one big checkmark in the why this date is a good idea he’s my brother’s new teammate.

They already hate each other.

And my brother has made an unfortunate habit of interfering with my love life recently.

So a revenge date with Fletcher to make my brother mad? While letting Fletcher think this date is merely for the good of the team?


I’m in.

I’m moving to London for work in a month. And it’s just one date. What could possibly go wrong?



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