REVIEW: A Boy’s Christmas Wish by Patricia Johns

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A Boy’s Christmas Wish by Patricia Johns is a truly touching and appropriate pre holiday read, with its’ themes of forgiveness and fresh starts, and the things we do for our family out of love.

Beth returns to her west Canadian hometown on the verge of delivering her child, and facing life as a single mother. While living with her newly separated father, she discovers that her previous fiancé has purchased the corner store that has been in her family for generations. He’s also raising on his own the son that he discovered was his a few years previously- which caused Beth to break their engagement as she felt she was lied to. Beth must cope with the feelings she starts to have being faced with Danny again, along with her feelings of resentment toward her father and estranged stepmother. At the same time, she, her father and Danny all try to protect Beth’s grandmother who is showing clear signs of dementia.

Beth is grateful that the people in her home town welcome her with open arms, and don’t show judgement that she is about to be a single mother. Danny struggles with feeling continued resentment that she broke their engagement, yet he still loves Beth and feels attraction. Beth also struggles with the roles her father and stepmother played in her teenage years and how alone she felt due to their behavior. A visit from her former stepmother helps Beth to see another perspective of the situation.

This story is so touching, and so inspiring in the messages of the importance of family, forgiveness and second chances. I believe fellow readers will find this a moving story and truly enjoyable.

Book Info:

Publication: November 7, 2017 | Harlequin HeartWarming |

Five years ago, Beth Thomas’s engagement to Danny Brockwood ended when his secret child was dropped off on his doorstep. Now eight months pregnant—and about to be a single mother herself—Beth is back in her Alberta hometown, where the rugged mechanic is raising his son.

She wants to hate Danny; discovering he’d hidden his toddler from her was the reason she left. And now Danny’s bought out the beloved corner store that had been in Beth’s family for generations. But their still-simmering chemistry isn’t all they have in common. Can two single parents win back each other’s trust with the help of one determined boy?



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