REVIEW: Big Duke Energy by Emma Hart

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Big Duke Energy by Emma Hart: Ellie has writers block, the kind that she just can’t seem to shake! But with a deadline fast approaching and Ellie having nothing to show her publisher, she does the only thing that she can think of to spark her writing juices… a change in scenery. So off Ellie and her cat Sir Winston Purrchill go to the picturesque lake district for some much need writing inspiration however romance writer Ellie did not plan to encounter the grumpy Duke of Windermere, Max… or for him and all his grouchy-ness to inspire her so much… what is a girl to do when her new muse is the her hot grumpy landlord and also a real life Duke who she has the hottest chemistry with?

LOVED!!! Emma Hart has and always will be one of my favourite authors. This brilliantly talented lady always knows just how to craft one heck of a perfectly cute romance read! Big Duke Energy combines all the things that I like most about Hart’s books; sassy leading ladies, charming heroes, loads of furry sidekicks and a hilarious oldie!

Ellie was a total star. I loved her character to bits, not only was she totally relatable but she was hilarious. I really liked that she was a romance novelist, this entire story arch had a very meta feel to it and I was so there for it! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see the entire process that goes into creating a book and that it is not all smooth sailing. I loved that so much of Ellie was mirrored in Harts own habits and this only made me love her character all the more. Aside from being a total hoot, I really liked that Ellie wasn’t pushy when it came to Max and getting him to open up.

Now I think it is safe to say that the grumpy hero is always going to be a winner for me and boy did I just love our Duke Max. I just loved seeing him go from this grouchy grump to totally falling for Ellie and her Houdini of a cat Winston. Max really was a great hero, behind his grumpy exterior was a total softie that was still dealing with his past traumas. I have to say that I really liked that Hart created a bit of build up to revealing what had happened in Max’s past that has caused him to be so closed off to love and relationships. This only made me love his relationship with Esme all the more.

The chemistry between Ellie and Max was just hot! These two really worked the grump meets sunshine trope with a nice helping of hate to love thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. I loved their banter and how snarky they were for most of the book. There really was a playful element about these two that made this book absolute perfection. More than anything I loved the fact that they accepted each other for who they were. There was no major conflict or drama in this book, just one sweet love story.

The setting and supporting characters in this book were absolutely brilliant! I loved Max’s grandmother Esme to bits, she was total old lady goals! I loved that she was so over the top and didn’t give a damn about her odd ways. The old gals book club was just hilarious and their love for dirty romance novels just had me giggling. I just loved the fact that this book had so many animals and that they were all so quirky with hilarious names! The pool noodle wearing goats were just golden and as for our escape artist Sir Winston Purrchill, well I just loved this cat and the fact that Hart added so many details about Main Coon to explaining his character more.

I think that it is safe to say this was Harts best book to date, I loved every moment of Big Duke Energy, I can not wait to get my hands on the next book in this insanely entertaining series! This is a definite must read!

Book Info:

Publication: October 23rd 2022 | Emma Hart |

When bestselling romance author Ellie Aarons finds herself with chronic writer’s block, she’s pretty sure all she needs is a change of scenery. A beautiful lakeside cottage with her cat seems like a good idea.
She’s wrong. She needs more than a change of scenery—she needs a muse.
Which is why it’s so irritating that she’s drawn to the enigmatic but grumpy Duke of Windermere who owns the estate she’s staying on.
They don’t get along—not in the slightest. They could not be more different, which is why it’s so irritating that Max seems to be the muse she’s been looking for. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t help but picture him as the hero in her next book.
Oh, well. There’s really not a lot she can do about it. The muse wants what the muse wants.
Except Sir Winston Purrchill keeps exploring the goat barn, and Max’s delivery of him for the fiftieth time means he sees her manuscript open on her laptop.
He knows instantly that she’s writing about him. The story she’s written reflects their entire relationship until now, but that spicy scene?
That hasn’t happened. Yet.
Max is ready to compromise—he’ll give her the inspiration she needs for her novel, but she has to stop asking why he’s so against the relationship his grandmother desperately wants him to have.
With her deadline looming, Ellie has no other option but to agree.
She just hopes that she won’t do what her heroine is doing.
And fall in love with the duke.



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  1. Glenda M

    Love the cover and the book sounds great! I may have ‘accidentally’ one clicked it when checking out how much it cost since I don’t have KU. Thanks for the review!

  2. Latesha B.

    This is a new to me author and this story sounds good. Thank you for the review.