REVIEW: You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti

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You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti takes place a couple months after the first book in the series, You Can Run, ended. FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow is back in her hometown of Genesis Valley, dealing with another serial killer. Once again, she is paired up with Huck Rivers, the Fish and Wildlife captain and her love interest. Also in the mix again is Laurel’s recently discovered half-sister, Dr. Abigail Craine, who claims she’s a potential victim of the latest killer.

The author does a great job of keeping readers guessing who the killer is. With plenty of potential suspects, it makes it hard for readers to pin down exactly who is involved. It makes for a fun and interesting read.

Laurel and Huck’s relationship becomes a little deeper in this book. They start acting more like friends, compared to the first book where they were simply co-workers who had a one-night stand.

Laurel’s half-sister remains a wildcard. At times she genuinely seems to want to help Laurel, and at other times it feels like she’s playing mind-games with her. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all eventually plays out.

While this can be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading the previous book first, as it gives the background of Huck and Laurel’s budding relationship, and it not only explains how Laurel and Abigail initially met but shows how complicated their relationship is.

Readers are in for a fast-paced, gripping story that will have them guessing until the very end. Fans of this author are in for yet another treat and won’t want to miss this great addition to the series. If you’re new to this author, you won’t be disappointed; few write romantic suspense as well as Rebecca Zanetti.

Book Info:

Publication: November 29, 2022 | Zebra | Laurel Snow #2

What do you do when a sociopath loves you? Rising star FBI profiler Laurel Snow is about to find out …

Calling Laurel Snow’s relationship with her newly discovered half-sister challenging is an understatement. Not only does Laurel suspect Abigail is behind the mysterious disappearance of their father, but her erratic behavior also makes life in Laurel’s small hometown interesting, to say the least. Still, when Abigail claims someone is now out to kill her, Laurel’s instinct to protect her sister goes into overdrive. Then things get even more dicey as dead bodies start turning up in the icy waters of the Sauk River and there’s only one connection among them: Abigail . . .

Having Fish and Wildlife Captain Huck Rivers bringing in those bodies with his dive team only complicates matters. Huck is as impulsive and fiery as Laurel is coolly analytical, which makes their alliance risky at best. But standing up to such a demonically brilliant killer is going to take all the help Laurel can get. Because Laurel’s attempt to save her troubled sister’s life might cost her own.



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  1. EC

    I enjoyed the author’s writing. Thanks for the informative review, Team HJ!

  2. Elizabeth H.

    I am really enjoying this series! Thanks for the review! I’m ready for the 4th book! Sadly, I don’t think it’ll come out until next fall.