REVIEW: Cuffs by Cara Lockwood

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Cuffs by Cara Lockwood: Love and hate run exceptionally close together so does lust. One thing Mags was sure of was her disbelief in love and marriage. However the moment slick smooth talker Gael walks into her tattoo parlour insisting that she tattoo the one thing she swore that she would never tattoo ever again, something sparks between the two of them. Be it insta hate or insta love but there was definitely a pull between Gael and Mags.

Thinking one night of heated pleasure will be enough for her to get over this insane pull she feels toward Geal soon turns into them growing closer and closer, so much so that it begins to boarder on Mags crossing the line to something that she never thought she would.

I loved every bit of this steamy romance. I absolutely loved that Mags was a sassy girl boss that gave as good as she got. I really loved the feisty banter between these two characters and the way they just could not help but be pulled to each other. As for our cocktail banker Geal, I have to say I was not his biggest fan initially but I started to warm up to him really fast. I absolutely adored Ava and how cute she was.

This was a super fast read that check a lot of boxes for a good romance novel. Lockwood did a brilliant job with bring to life this novel of a girl that always wanted and desired love and a family but also showing us her fear and hate for the very thing that she desires. This was my first book by Cara Lockwood but it definitely wont be my last.

Book Info:

Publication: October 1st 2020 | Harlequin Dare |

He’s everything she’d ever craved. Everything she’d ever wanted. Everything she hates . Feel the passion in USA TODAY bestselling author Cara Lockwood’s latest sizzling DARE novel!

Tattoo artist Mags McHenry doesn’t believe in love or marriage. But hate? That’s something Mags can get behind. Because the second Mr. Tall, Dark and Arrogant walks into her shop and demands the one tattoo she vowed never to ink again, Mags feels rage. Searing and red-hot for this insanely sexy, rich banker who wears privilege and entitlement as comfortably as his expensive custom-made suit.

But there’s something intelligent and dangerously predatory about Gael Quinn’s green eyes. And the power in his gravelly, deep voice makes Mags shiver with desire—and want to submit her body to that commanding, hungry touch.

He’s a suit. She’s a rebel. They’re complete opposites. But when it comes to lust at first sight, Mags will break her own rules. Just this once. Then she can go back to living her life by her rules and keeping control. But with every touch, Gael owns her body. With every kiss, he steals her breath.

And with every stolen moment of delicious pleasure, Gael is edging closer to taking the one thing Mags swore she’d never give away…

Take control. Feel the rush. Explore your fantasies—Harlequin DARE publishes sexy romances featuring powerful alpha males and bold, fearless heroines exploring their deepest fantasies.



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