REVIEW: Daring to Date Dr. Celebrity by Emily Forbes

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In Daring to Date Dr. Celebrity by Emily Forbes, celebrity doctor, Caspar St. Claire is to film his new reality TV show at Blue Lake Hospital. The TV series is a hospital drama featuring real patients and real doctors and everybody at BLue Lake seems to comfortable is sharing their medical lives on DTDDCnational TV except obstetrician Annie Simpson. After having an unfortunate incident with the TV media before,she is totally opposed to have any part of her life splashed in the media again.

Casper is intrigued and attracted to Annie from the first glance and her total disinterest in his TV series makes me even more curious. At first Annie tries to avoid him completely but as Casper is a pediatrician and no matter how hard she try, as an obstertrician she is bound to work with him in her line of work. Slowly,the boundaries Annie has created begains to fall as she lets Caspar have a part of herself and it isn’t long when they two are getting involved in a no strings attached fling-privately of course..!!

“I can’t believe I listened to you. I trusted you—”
Caspar took one step toward her, closing the small gap that separated them.
In an instant his head dipped down and he pressed his lips to hers. The rest
of her sentence disappeared into his kiss.
Caspar St. Claire was kissing her!
Involuntarily Annie closed her eyes as his mouth covered hers. His lips were
warm and soft, but his kiss was far from gentle. It was demanding and
insistent and powerful and it made her insides tremble. It was firm enough to
take her breath away and make her swallow her words. His five-o’clock
shadow was rough against her cheek, but even that sensation was pleasant.
She should protest, she should resist, but he wasn’t giving her a chance and
she didn’t really want him to stop. For a moment she even thought about
kissing him back

Daring to Date Dr. Celebrity by Emily Forbes was really fun to read in the medical aspect and it was well written. The romance happened quite late but when it finally started, it was good enough for me. Caspar was a really good package overall and he was the one who did all the chasing and wooing in the whole book. I really liked Annie almost the whole book but the reasons she gave for leaving Caspar annoyed me a little. The conflict between the two could have been resolved in a better way and the person who ran from the relationship should have taken the first step towards reconciliation according to me.

Overall Daring to Date Dr. Celebrity is a good read with great medical parts. The romance was good though it developed quite late and the journey to HEA could have been better.

Book Info:

3.5SPublished August 2013 by Harlequin Medical Romance

Stepping into the spotlight with Caspar St. Claire!

When news breaks that Dr. Caspar St. Claire is to film his new reality TV show at Blue Lake Hospital, hearts are all aflutter! With his brooding good looks and hypnotic green eyes, the handsome pediatrician is the show’s hottest star!

Obstetrician Annie Simpson’s private life has been splashed across the media before, and she’s determined to avoid the limelight—and Caspar. Only the heat of his gaze is more disconcerting than the camera—and, after years of hiding, a fling with Caspar is what cautious Annie needs!

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