REVIEW: Dealing Double by Tamra Baumann

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Dealing Double by Tamra Baumann: Archaeologist Gabby has lived under an assumed identity for years, hiding from her mobster father’s enemies. But when an important sculpture from her museum goes missing, and she suspects her father, Gabby goes on the hunt for the missing twin buried somewhere in New Mexico before her father can get it.

On the hunt, she runs into Detective Jake, who was put on a forced vacation because of his overworking. With a month of nothing to do, Jake latches onto the mystery of Gabby. Although he knows something illegal is in the works, he can’t seem to tear himself away from helping her – even as it takes him on an international chase.

Both Gabby and Jake are closed off from the world, in their separate ways, but for some reason when they’re together they’ve never felt so understood by another. However, Gabby will always be the loyal daughter of a criminal, and Jake will always fight for justice.

I liked DEALING DOUBLE a lot, actually. It was definitely silly and kind of absurd, but in a fun way. The whole adventure chase was entertaining, and Jake and Gabby were definitely a good couple. They had plenty of tension between the two of them.

My one dislike was the innocence of Gabby. She was too sweet, I suppose. I don’t generally like the naïve heroine – although at least she wasn’t the virgin heroine. Overall, though, I did like both Gabby and Jake. They found their compromise and they fit well.

For those who love the action adventure romance, I recommend DEALING DOUBLE. It’s a lot of fun with plenty of romance.

Book Info:

Publication: February 13, 2018 | Montlake Romance | Heartbreaker #2

Falling in love can leave anyone feeling a little exposed…

Archaeologist Gabby Knight has been living under an assumed identity to steer clear of her mobster father’s enemies. But when she suspects her father of plotting to steal a priceless statue buried in New Mexico, she risks everything and sets out for the desert to beat him to it—and to save him from making a grave mistake. Breaking into a secluded cabin to wait out a blizzard, she’s not worried about visitors. It’s not like anyone would be traveling in this kind of weather…right?

Wrong. Detective Jake Morris has been ordered to take an overdue vacation, so he’s looking for some quiet time in the isolated retreat. But getting clobbered over the head by an auburn-haired firecracker wielding a cast-iron pan wasn’t the relaxing start he had in mind. Using a lot of charm and a little help from his prophetic ex-wife, Dani, he soon discovers who the sexy intruder really is.

Serving justice is in Jake’s blood, so he can’t help but join Gabby on her quest to protect the statue and catch a thief. To properly do his job, Jake knows he can flirt but better not fall. After all, what kind of future could a cop and a mobster’s daughter hope to have?



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