REVIEW: Jaimie: Fire & Ice by Sandra Marton

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In Jaimie: Fire & Ice (The Wilde Sisters #3) by Sandra Marton, A power blackout strands Jamie and Zach in his Manhattan penthouse in the event of an upcoming storm in New York. Jamie is there by mistake and Zach is in no mood to entertain an unwanted guest until she is in his arms JFAIof course and pretty soon they are engaged in pretty hot sex,which lasts the whole night. When morning comes, Jamie is gone and Zach tries to forget her along with the amazing night they shared.

But when Jamie life is in danger because of a crazy stalker, only Zach can save her and together they face the greatest risk of all-the ever growing passion and the memory of their night together.

She was weeping.
He drew her even closer. Kissed her tear-filled eyes. Her tender mouth.
She whispered his name and he kissed her again, kissed her with a tenderness he’d never felt before.
This time, when she drifted off to sleep, so did he, still with her held tightly in his embrace.

Jaimie: Fire & Ice by Sandra Marton is a well written, sexy and hot romance having the hero saving the heroine from a crazy stalker theme. Though the story started real slow, it picked pace after Zach was given the job of protecting Jamie aka James from an ex boyfriend turned crazy stalker. Both Jamie and Zach were reluctant to repeat their amazing night and were withdrawn characters but when they finally let the passions flow, it just kept flowing and I so loved the outcome.

The Wilde brothers and sisters make an appearance from time to time and they are a great inclusion to the story. Even though the story was predictable, the hot chemistry between the characters and good storytelling made it an enjoyable read overall.

“I should have called you, Jaimie. Hell, I should have flown to D.C., banged my fist against your door until you had no choice but to let me in and then—”
“And then,” she said, “this would have happened a lot sooner.”
“You’re damn right, it would.”
He framed her face with his hands. Ran his thumb lightly over her mouth. “I thought about you all the time.”
“About how easy I was, you mean,” she said, jerking away from him. Color flooded her face.
“How easy I still am.” She turned away.

Overall, Jamie:Fire & Ice by Sandra Marton is a well written hot enough romance to get your toes curling. It has everything you would expect from a Sandra Matron novel and would be surely loved by not only her fans but by everyone who just loves the bodyguard saving the girl from danger theme.

Book Info:

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Published September 29th 2013 by Createspace | (The Wilde Sisters #3)

Jaimie Wilde comes from a family of risk-takers. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t believe in taking risks. She’s a logical, practical woman. Zacharias Castelianos has taken risks all his life. Ex-Special Ops Marine, ex-government operative, Zach lives for challenge. He’s fearless.

Then he meets Jamie.

A power blackout strands them in his Manhattan penthouse, fifty stories above the city streets. Jaimie is there by mistake. She’s an unwanted guest and Zach, newly returned from a dark mission, isn’t in the mood for company.

Until she’s in his arms.

They have one amazing night together, but when morning comes, Jaimie is gone. Zach tells himself he’s over her. Jaimie tells herself she’s over him. They’re both lying to themselves and they’re going to discover that the hard way, when her life is in danger and only he can protect her.

It’s time for Jaimie and Zach to face the greatest risk of all—the hot passion that ignites between them and quickly turns into an unquenchable flame.

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