REVIEW: Just Some Stupid Love Story by Katelyn Doyle

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Just Some Stupid Love Story by Katelyn Doyle: Despite being a divorce attorney, Seth Rubinstein cant help but love the idea of an all consuming, timeless love story. So much so that he has been on the hunt to find himself this kind of once in a lifetime love, too bad it has been one failed date after the other. It would seem that no girl can quite meet the mark of his first love, Molly Marks, the very same girl that broke his young heart.

However it would seem that fate has other plans for Seth and Molly when they are thrown together in Florida when they meet for their high school reunion, after a few tow many cocktails and one steamy romp, the two decide to make a bet to finally see who is right about true love. All they have to do is predict the fate of five couples, the last of which is the two of them. With Molly firmly believing that love is the biggest scam on earth she is convinced that nothing will come of the connection with Seth. More determined than ever Seth is making it his mission to use the next five years until their next reunion to prove to Molly that she will fall hopelessly in love with him… the question is can the divorce attorney convince the cynical romance writer that love is very much real?

Just Some Stupid Love Story was a great debut novel for Doyle, this book was engaging, easy to read and had an entertaining storyline. To start of with I have to say that I loved the colourful and tropical cover of this book. The enemies to lovers and second chance romance tropes are always a win for me and this book truly delivered with both of these tropes. Normally I am not a fan of a book that spans over a few years but I have to say that I found that it worked in this case, it helped us fully get invested in Molly and Seth.

Both main characters were pretty great, a bit of an unlikely pairing but I think this only made them work all the more perfectly together. I loved that they had so much of banter and there was this never ending spark between them. Molly was sassy and witty, I loved that she was a romance writer but had a hard time actually believing that real love was more than a scam. I will say it took me a while to warm up to her character, while I understand her character arch was to be anti-love, I just couldn’t help but feel that she was a bit to extreme. She constantly pushed Seth way but then would be upset that he did what she wanted and took a step back. Simply put I found her a bit vexing. Now for our hero Seth, well he was just adorable. He was a bit nerdy and cute and I just loved the fact that he was a total romantic. Though I have to say I was surprised that he kept going back to her after each lashing that he got, this guy really did not give up. While I loved that he was persistent and could see something in her that us as readers really didn’t see until the end, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and his bruised heart.

All in all I enjoyed this debut novel, there were a few ups and downs but I rather enjoyed the entire book as a whole. If you are a fan of books by Emily Henry and When Harry Met Sally, then I think you will enjoy this book. I’m interested to see what this author will come out with next.

Book Info:

Publication: June 4, 2024 | Flatiron Books |

Molly Marks writes Hollywood rom-coms for a living—which is how she knows “romance” is a racket. The one and only time she was naive enough to fall in love was with her high school boyfriend, Seth—who she ghosted on the eve of graduation and hasn’t seen in fifteen years.

Seth Rubinstein believes in love, the grand, fated kind, despite his job as, well…one of Chicago’s most successful divorce attorneys. Over the last decade, he’s sought “the one” in countless bad dates and rushed relationships. He knows his soulmate is out there. But so far, no one can compare to Molly Marks, the first girl who broke his heart.

When Molly’s friends drag her to Florida for their fifteenth high school reunion, it is poetic justice that she’s forced to sit with Seth. Too many martinis and a drunken hookup later, they decide to make a bet: whoever can predict the fate of five couples before the next reunion must declare that the other is right about true love. The catch? The fifth couple is the two of them.

Molly assures Seth they are a tale of timeless heartbreak. Seth promises she’ll end up hopelessly in love with him. She thinks he’s delusional. He has five years to prove her wrong.

Wickedly funny, sexy, and brimming with laughs and heart like the best romantic comedies, Just Some Stupid Love Story is for everyone who believes in soulmates—even if they would never admit it.



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