REVIEW: Playing by the Rules by Imelda Evans

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In Playing by the Rules by Imelda Evans, Kate Adams expected to return home from Paris with a ring on her finger and a fiancé to show off at her high school reunion. Instead her boyfriend broke up with her right before she leaves for Australia and she returns brokenhearted that her plans didn’t come through and afraid of being humiliated at the reunion.


Josh Marchant has always had a soft spot for his sister’s best friend. Ever since they met in high school and Kate made friends with Jo. Josh has been grateful to her and secretly attracted too. Good thing that neither Jo nor Kate new about his crush. But when Josh shows up unexpectedly at Jo’s apartment, the last thing he expects is to see Kate or have her fall on him after she opens the door, even if Jo’s cat was the culprit.

Now Kate is embarrassed about falling on top of Josh, who is even more handsome than when they were younger and she had a crush on him. But that does not take away from her desperation about the reunion. She did reply with a plus one, and she believes that everyone knew she expected to return with a fiancé. So desperate times call for desperate measures, so Kate asks Josh to be her date and pretend fiancé, which Josh being the great guy he is he accepts.

Only as they walk into the reunion, old Megan is up to her tricks again and immediately wants to seduce Josh away from Kate. Good thing that he still remembers what she did to his sister and doesn’t fall for her tricks. Too bad that Megan is seated at their table and doesn’t give up easily. But her tricks soon get to Kate and when she soon overhears Josh telling a story she made Jo vow to never tell to everyone at their table she feels humiliated and betrayed.

Well let’s say that a lot of things clear up between them soon enough, even misconceptions from the past. But even though their attraction and chemistry is mutual, they will have to analyze and decide about how they want things to work if they want to move forward and have any type of future together.

If you want a sweet and fun read don’t miss Playing by the Rules by Imelda Evans.

Book Info:

4SSeptember 16th 2013 by Penguin Books Australia | Destiny Romance

Kate Adams expected to return home from Paris with a ring on her finger. Instead, her French boyfriend, Alain, breaks up with her right before she leaves for Australia.

Unwilling to show up at her high school reunion desperate and dateless, Kate asks her best friend’s brother, handsome Josh Marchant, to pretend to be her fiancée.

Josh has always had a soft spot for his sister’s friend and happily takes on the role. And as they spend time together, the lines between fact and fiction blur and they’re soon struggling to remember it’s all just an act. But will the arrival of an unexpected visitor shatter the illusion they’ve created?

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    Thank you so much ladies for the time you take in reading and reviewing for us. I dont’ comment often but as a reader and a writer, I really appreciate it. Glad you liked Playing by the Rules!

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