REVIEW: Quinn II by J.C Cliff

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In Quinn II (Undaunted Men #2) by J.C Cliff, Alexis has never felt safer than when Quinn is QuinnIIat her side. So, when it comes to a choice in escaping the trouble she’s in over saving his life, there isn’t a choice. She’ll protect him just as he would her; expect her decision could prove costly. Will he ever be able to forgive her once the danger passes?

”There’s always someone trying to play King of the Mountain.”
“Sounds like Vince got in way over his head.”
“That’s an understatement.”

What a wonderful conclusion to this two-book part of this author’s Undaunted Men series, encompassing Alexis and Quinn. After the way the first book ended with Alexis deciding she was better off on her own and then ending up in trouble, I was looking forward to reading this one. Would she get away from her captors or would it be up to Quinn to come to her rescue? Would she confront Quinn about the phone conversation she overheard him having?

Just like the first book in this series, the dialogue was intense due to everything this couple goes through. It seems it isn’t just Alexis’s life that is at stake. The heroine’s pursuers believe that Quinn had something to do with killing someone they were very close to and want revenge. Then there’s the main characters back stories, the treatment they both receive at the hand of their captors; the fallout from Alexis saving Quinn, which sends him running; and the discovery Alexis makes that increases the intensity of this story. Will that discovery bring them back together?

I really liked both main characters. They would both do anything to protect the other, even if it puts them in more danger and could lead to horrible circumstances Alexis would have never thought the people after them would resort to. The heroine is strong and brave. She’s finally decided enough is enough, and is ready to surrender or fight because she wants to go home. She’s also very determined to make things right with Quinn after everything they go through together. How can she prove that all she was doing was trying to protect him, instead of him continuing to believe that she betrayed him?

While Quinn, he goes through a lot in this story at the hands of those that are after Alexis. They blame him for a crime he didn’t commit, and are determined to get revenge. Even if that revenge includes lying about Alexis and her involvement in getting him captured, so that Quinn would no longer trust her. However, once Quinn learns the truth, it seems he has to really grovel to win back Alexis’s affections. But what I liked most was how affected he was by the name Alexis chose for a baby.

Hot sex scenes heat up the pages at just the right moments throughout this story, illustrating this couple’s intense chemistry. However, I felt sorry for the heroine for what she suffers at the hands of the people she protects Quinn from. The way they use her to get Quinn to turn against her was despicable. Something no woman should ever have to go through.

“I raise my brow at Stryker, pointing the metal spatula at him, saying, “I might not be as good as I once was…”
“Yeah, yeah, but you’re good only once, right?”
Lexi slips underneath my arm, and in turn, I wrap my arm around her shoulder and pull her into my side. She looks as if she wants to jump in on the banter, but I shut her down. “I don’t need any comments from the peanut gallery,” I warn her.

Overall, I really liked this story where the secondary characters were just as entertaining as the main ones. Quinn’s friends are a godsend the way they help Quinn and Alexis towards the end, so they can spend some time alone together. The way this author wrapped this story up shows how close they are and that they would do anything for each other. I would recommend Quinn II by J.C Cliff, if you like stories encompassing couples that have to overcome some really tough obstacles to be together.


Book Info:

4SPublication: April 19th, 2016 | Self-Published | Undaunted Men #2

QUINN IS BACK and pushing the limits on it all — suspense, sex, love, gut-wrenching emotions — with a fiery intense conclusion to his and Lexi’s story. The more Alexis runs, the harder Quinn fights for her.

It’s an undeniable truth; bad things happen to good people, and Lexi is not impervious to the realities of the life she left behind.

Keeping Lexi safe at all cost, Quinn remains unwavering in his duties, constantly putting his life on the line, time and time again.

Two tortured souls are pushed to the edges of their sanity and their love will be put to the test. Tempers flare, emotions burst, and love flickers, but after the ultimate explosion, can forgiveness be found amongst the rubble?

Alexis needs Quinn more than ever…and Quinn must decide if Lexi is truly his fate or if their romance was never meant to survive beyond his mission. One thing is for certain: neither Quinn nor Alexis will be the same after surfacing from the mountain trails. Now that they’ve survived the wild, can they survive each other?



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