REVIEW: Rivals at Love Creek by Michelle Lindo-Rice

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Author Michelle Lindo-Rice jumps right into the action for Rivals at Love Creek. Shanna Jacobs has been principal at prestigious school. Suddenly, her job and reputation are on the line after a scandal about cheating on SAT exams comes to light. Although Shanna is innocent, things look bad because she had mentored some of the cheating students and worked with some of the faculty involved. She had been looking forward to the possibility of getting the superintendent position when the current one retired at the end of the year. Now, she may not have a career at all. Not only is her life in shambles, but she has the responsibility of a younger sister in college and her mother who is in assisted living with early onset dementia.

Shanna is more than a little surprised when her long ago ex-boyfriend shows up. Of course, Lynx Harrington is the adopted son of the current superintendent. Shanna is afraid even if her name is cleared, Lynx will get the job. There is too much media frenzy and local protest, so it is recommended that she can take a break with pay and then perhaps work with Lynx. Shanna is unhappy with this, but there seems to be no other good choice.

Lynx’s background is different. He and his brother were basically abandoned by their mother. Although Lynx and brother Hawk are white, they were adopted by an African-American family who had their own sons. The combined family has been full of love and support over the years. Shanna is African-American and has had to work twice as hard to succeed. Because her father left, it’s hard to trust men. She loved Lynx when they were both younger. Can she find a relationship with him or should she just concentrate on reviving her career?

Lynx is such a special man. He has a loving nature and goes above and beyond showing Shanna how much he cares. Shanna is shouldering a lot, so it’s understandable why she comes off as a little agitated and brusque at times.

I loved that the author portrayed Shanna as a typical sized, curvy woman. Too often these days, it seems the size zeros seem to be the height of beauty. It is wonderful when normal people are the heroines in novels.

The setting in a small town added to the intensity of the story. When most people know you, it’s hard to keep the wild rumors and scrutiny under control.

Rivals At Love Creek is book #1 in a series. I am truly looking wonderful to the second from this gifted author.

Book Info:

Publication: June 28, 2022 | Harlequin Special Edition | Seven Brides For Seven Brothers #1

Her biggest rival

Is also her greatest temptation…

Shanna Jacobs has ambitions to be the next superintendent. But when a cheating scandal rocks her school, she’s put under the supervision of her sexy ex, Lynx Harrington. Also a school principal, Lynx has his eye on the same job. Working to clear an accused cheater’s name—albeit a beautiful one—only complicates the plan. But their attraction is undeniable. And Shanna’s kisses are a perfect ten. Maybe their fledgling partnership will make the grade after all?



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