REVIEW: Saving Hearts by Rebecca Crowley

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Saving Hearts by Rebecca Crowley: Brendan had this untouchable career after playing for two prestigious clubs in Europe and returned to the US for the last years of his career. Instead of retiring on a high note, he’s forced to watch his team from the bench after a gambling scandal broke. He may have the sex appeal, body, and bank account of a star athlete, but he’s so much more. He’s kind, generous, loyal, and devotes a lot of time and energy into his favorite cause.

Erin is a former star soccer player who has since hung up her cleats for a high profile and high powered career as a Director for the league. She’s smart, independent, direct, ambitious, and has no time for romance. She’s dedicated herself to her career and she’s had to fight for everything she got first as an athlete and now as an executive.

Brendan and Erin have a long history. They met in college and have crossed paths over the years, until this last New Year’s when they had a super-hot one-night stand in Vegas. Erin wouldn’t consider a repeat, but now that she’s moved to Atlanta things just may change. Her new job puts them at odds as she’s forced to make compromises that no man would ever have to face, but all’s fair in love and soccer.

She sighed, exasperated, signaling she didn’t know the answers either. “I’m trying to help you. We’re on the same side. As your friend, I want-”
He laughed, and it sounded as cynical and harsh as he felt. “Really. Now we’re friends.”

This has trainwreck written all over. Both are addicted to the rush they feel when gambling and have their reasons for continuing to flirt with the coming collision and consequences they risk facing. Erin’s proposal for them to team up is the last thing that Brendan needs as he rides out his contract and both have so much to lose. Of course, their arrangement has many benefits to include working out their attraction…again and again.

“Chill. You’re missing the point.”
“If losing money on nothing is the point, I’m getting it.”
She shook her head. “The point is it’s random. Out of your hands. Pure luck.”
“It’s not luck, it’s an algorithm developed to make sure the betting site never pays out more than it takes in.”

Saving Hearts is realistic, relatable, and oh so frustrating. Rebecca Crowley succeeded in portraying the compulsions, needs, and flawed thinking of addicts even though you just wanted to slap some sense into both of them. Ms. Crowley provided an entertaining cast of characters and included some surprises. Fans of R.S. Kovach and Marie Meyer will enjoy Saving Hearts.


Book Info:

Publication: March 20th 2018 | Kensington | Atlanta Skyline #3


Atlanta Skyline’s benched goalkeeper Brendan Young would have been happy to ride out the end of his contract after his gambling addiction was splashed all over the news media. Instead, his teammates’ injuries have unexpectedly put him back in the game. A new face in his weekly Gamblers Anonymous meeting provides another surprise spike — of pure attraction. Why is Erin Bailey, former world champion women’s soccer player, at this meeting? And why can’t he stop thinking about their red-hot one-night stand?

Six months ago, one reckless night in Vegas ended with Erin in Brendan’s bed. She’s sworn off dating athletes, especially those whose reputations could destroy her new career as the Championship Soccer League’s Director of Ethics and Advocacy. But the secret they share — and the crazy heat they generate — makes it impossible to keep her distance.

Both have choices to make about the future, but no matter how steeply the odds are stacked against them, walking away could be the riskiest move of all . . .



6 Responses to “REVIEW: Saving Hearts by Rebecca Crowley”

  1. Kathleen Bylsma

    Darn…had great hopes but get frustrated by silly stubbornness. thanks!

    • Kim

      Saving Hearts is a good book, but the addiction aspect was both realistic and frustrating.