REVIEW: Slick Rider by Em Petrova

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In Slick Rider by Em Petrova, physical therapy assistant Lilly Hall has been assigned to a new patient, good-looking and demanding rodeo champion Juss Rossie. Juss is nicknamed Slick Rider because he started out riding broncos, instead of SRworking his way up to that level of expertise. Due to his family’s wealth, he is able to recuperate and rehabilitate in a private physical therapy facility, after being thrown following a seven second ride on a Bushwhacker, one of the most dangerous bulls on the rodeo tour.

Lilly secretly lusts after Juss and doesn’t mind his constant bellows and requests. She loves working him so that his injuries will improve. Spending so much time together, heightens the arousal they both begin to feel. However, Juss is used to being with Buckle Bunnies so his attraction to Lilly is both surprising and welcome. Due to his condition, Lily ends up being the seducer and he surprisingly enjoys not being in the alpha role. They experience mind-blowing sex and can’t seem to get enough of each other. Unfortunately, Juss says the wrong thing, which causes Lilly to leave her shift in a huff. Juss is discharged before seeing Lilly again.

A month or so later, Lilly receives an invitation to a formal charity event from Juss. She attends, hoping to get closure on their short-lived relationship. Juss’s sole purpose for inviting Lilly is to explain his actions and beg for forgiveness. Luckily, they are both on the same page and their future is bright.

Slick Rider is the second novella in The Quick and Hot Series. This short story is hot, hot and hotter. Be aware, the use of the “C” word and the “P” word is frequent, so keep that in mind if you prefer stories with slightly sweeter terms. The book is well written and I enjoyed the non-erotic scenes even more than the erotic ones. If you are looking for a quick erotic romance, take the time to read this book!

Book info

Harlequin JunkiePublisher: Loose Id LLC (July 8, 2013)

Genre: Contemporary, Cowboy & Western
Series: The Quick and the Hot

Physical therapy assistant Lilly’s job is to keep rodeo star Juss Rossie off his injured leg and from using his bad shoulder to rope more buckle bunnies. Trouble is she wants–just for once in her life–to be one of those rodeo gals who gets the cowboy. Pushing him to the limits of his therapy will take some creative maneuvering, and she finds he responds in the yummiest ways.

Juss hates like hell to be laid up with injuries and off the back of a bull. But being at the mercy of therapist Lilly is torture–especially when she gets in the pool, on the mat, or crawls into bed with him. Can he recover from her mind-blowing advances without losing his heart?

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