REVIEW: Snowbound Second Chance by Reese Ryan

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Snowbound Second Chance by Reese Ryan: Evelisse Jemison had hopes to make it big in Hollywood. That has never really happened. Now at 41 she is a personal assistant to a difficult, demanding man involved more in the business side of the movies. Her sister calls her and urgently asks for her help. Kayleigh has injured herself and can’t fulfill her job as an innkeeper. Evelisse, aka Evvy , is hesitant at first. Between not really being happy in her personal assistant job and guilty that she left Kayleigh years ago to escape their dysfunctional family she feels she needs to go. The two had reconnected at Kayleigh’s wedding the year before. Evvy heads back to Magnolia Lake to start this new adventure.

Sebastian Valentine had not joined the rest of his family as part of the Valentine Vineyards. Instead he stayed with Valentine Textiles that had been transferred to others. All the same, Sebastian had made it his goal to become CEO. You have to be careful what you wish for. Sebastian has a scary event that he’s afraid is a heart attack. It’s a severe panic attack. The doctors tell him he has to take a sabbatical or next time it may be a real heart issue. Sebastian decides to go to visit family in Magnolia Lake. He needs privacy and quiet so he decides to take a long stay at the Sweet Magnolia Inn.

He doesn’t make a good first impression with his grumpy attitude and demands. When a sudden snowstorm is approaching, most of the guests leave quickly. The power goes out and Evvy can’t start the backup generator. Sebastian and Evvy ends up staying in her small apartment above Kayleigh’s workshop. Luckily, they were able to bring over a good bit of the food from the inn and some other supplies.When they wake up the next morning, the snow is thick on the ground and Sebastian’s car is blocked by a fallen tree. Being snowbound, brings the two close together in several ways. They both plan to go back to their regular lives in a few months. Will a short fling work?

The snowbound trope is a pivotal point in the plot, but there is so much more going on. Both have had struggles in the past and are still dealing with them. Evvy grows so much over the arc of the story. She learns that family is all important and she can move forward to a better future. Sebastian has to learn to relax and be calmer. I had a laugh at him being describes as having a “Resting Grump Face”.

As with any Harlequin Desire novel, this one has plenty of spice. I enjoyed that both main characters were in their forties. The trend to add more mature characters is encouraging. This third book in the series has some connection to #2. At the same time, it works well on its own. I recommend that they be read in order.

I loved the cover with Evvy in a purple gown. The two characters are exactly as I pictured them. I look forward to author Reese Ryan’s next great tale.

Book Info:

Publication: August 22, 2023 | Harlequin Desire | Valentine Vineyards 33

Being snowed in with a guest, especially one who’s an infuriating (and sexy) workaholic, puts this innkeeper to the test, in Reese Ryan’s Valentine Vineyards novel.

When #yoga, #meditation, and #serenity become #passion, #fantasies, and #seduction!

Evelisse “Evvy” Jemison has the perfect plan to escape memories of her ex and infuse more positivity in her life: return home to Magnolia Lake and run her sister’s country inn. With enough positive thinking, she might even heal her childhood wounds in the process.

Contending with the inn’s surly resident, Sebastian Valentine, isn’t part of the plan. After suffering a health scare due to overwork, Sebastian has begrudgingly returned to Magnolia Lake and brought his glass-half-empty attitude with him. Yet when a snowstorm strands Evvie with the sexy CEO, neither can deny their explosive chemistry—nor the ticking clock that will bring their idyll to an end…

From Harlequin Desire: Passionate and provocative stories featuring rich, powerful heroes and scandalous family sagas.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Valentine Vineyards series:

Book 1: A Valentine for Christmas
Book 2: One Summer of Love
Book 3: Snowbound Second Chance



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